Core Gas Supply

Core Gas Supply is the purchasing arm for our core natural gas (residential and small commercial) customers. We purchase and sell natural gas as well as broker pipeline capacity.

What We Buy

We purchase gas supplies from producers and marketers in Canada and the U.S. Southwest on a daily, monthly and longer term basis. We ship those supplies to the PG&E Citygate for distribution to core customers.

If you are interested in becoming one of our suppliers, you must fulfill Pacific Gas and Electric Company's credit requirements and initiate a contract with our Contract Administrator. If you are new to the California market, a good first step is to call one of our managers for information and assistance. If your company is at least 51% minority-owned, women-owned, or disabled veteran-owned, please see our supplier diversity program highlights.

What We Sell

From time to time, we sell our excess gas in the basins, at the California border, and PG&E Citygate. We also broker pipeline capacity. Pipeline brokering activities are posted on the respective pipeline electronic bulletin boards. For assistance or more information regarding acquiring Core Gas Supply's pipeline capacity or supplies, contact one of our traders.

How to Contact Us

  • Our mailing address:
    P.O. Box 770000
    Mail Code B5F
    San Francisco, CA 94177
  • Our street address
    (for courier services):

    77 Beale Street
    Mail Code B5F
    San Francisco, CA 94105
  • Fax:
    (415) 973-9213
Trading Core Gas Supply:
U.S. and Canadian Supplies
Name Phone Number
(All area codes are 415)
Note: Weekend/Holiday Trader/Scheduler
Cell Phone
Laura Scott, Manager (Day and Baseload Trading) 973-6596
Doug Banks (Day and Baseload Trading) 973-7644
Jimmy Park (Day and Baseload Trading) 973-0475
Michele Green (Scheduler) 973-2898
Ricky Ellis (Scheduler/Trader) 972-5034
Craig Louttit, Manager - Portfolio Management (Risk Management and Term Supply) 973-8487
Rich Wlasenko (Baseload and Term Trading) 973-0306
Norm Lee (Baselaod and Term Trading/WMBE) 973-3213
Pipeline Capacity Release
NamePhone Number
(All area codes are 415)
Doug Banks973-7644
Term Supply and Financial Hedging
Name Phone Number
(All area codes are 415)
Craig Louttit, Manager, Portfolio Management
Rich Wlasenko 973-0306
Norm Lee 973-3213
Regulatory and Contract Services
Name Phone Number
(All area codes are 415)
John Armato, Manager (Regulatory) 973-7022
Charlotte Baxter 973-6720
Rosa Huerta 973-0428
Supplier Diversity Program

Core Gas Supply is an equal opportunity gas buyer. We encourage supplier relationships with women-owned, minority-owned and disabled veteran-owned business enerprises (WMDVBEs) that can provide competitive prices and services.

  • Women and Minority Business Enterprises (WMBEs)
    To participate as a WMBE, you must be certified by the CPUC WMBE Clearinghouse (Asian Inc.) (Call (800)359-7998 for an application). The certificate application is free, and certification is valid for three years. The clearinghouse also accepts WMBE verification from comparable agencies in other states. Once verified, your firm is included in a database accessed by all participating California utilities. For more information on the state-wide supplier diversity program, including a description of the program and a list of current certified suppliers, visit the California Public Utilites Commission website.
  • Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBEs)
    DVBE applicants should contact the Office of Small Business Certification and Resources (OSBCR) for more information at (916) 375-4940. Disabled veterans who are California residents and whose principal office is in California are eligible to participate. The certification application is free and can be obtained through the OSBCR website. Certified DVBEs are posted in a database maintained by the OSBCR and available to all participating California utilities and state agencies.

Our contract administrator can answer questions and assist you with your WMBE or DVBE certificate applications. General information on Pacific Gas and Electric Company's corporate-wide WMDVBE purchasing and contracting programs is available on our Supplier Diversity page.