B2B Solutions

Operational reliability is paramount to the success of your business. PG&E is no different. For the past 100 years we’ve invested in the skills, knowledge and technology to ensure we can reliably deliver the energy services you and all of our customers have learned to depend on. Now PG&E is offering your business the same solutions and expertise we’ve spent decades developing.

PG&E’s B2B Solutions can help your business avoid costly outages that impact your earnings. Our experts in the disciplines of engineering and system maintenance can work with you in developing comprehensive maintenance schedules and innovative outage response solutions. PG&E’s research laboratories, repair facilities, and field testing services offer you the ability to perform failure analysis, repair vital equipment, or prevent structural integrity issues that can impact system operations and reliability.

Our B2B Solutions can also help you to grow earnings. PG&E is the wireless cell site collocation leader in the utility industry, with thousands of potential collocation assets and sites across Northern and Central California. We also offer industry-recognized training programs that can help your employees perform their jobs with a keen focus on safety and efficiency.

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If you would like more information on PG&E’s B2B Solutions, or wish to speak with a solutions expert, please contact PG&E's Business Development at 1-800-687-5720 or via e-mail at valueadd@pge.com.