Temporary Hiring Hall Opportunities

The Hiring Hall Administration Team partners with the IBEW 1245 and ESC Local 20 to fill positions on a temporary basis. If you are interested in becoming a hiring hall candidate please read the process outlined below.

Most of the classifications that are filled through the Hiring Hall require a pre-employment test and/or resume. If a pre-employment test is required you must be qualified prior to signing up with the union. NOTE: Hiring Hall test sessions are only available as needed. Click on the following link to view opportunities Temporary Hiring Hall Opportunities
If you have already qualified on the required pre-employment test(s) please proceed to step 2.

Step 2:

Qualified on the required test(s)…now what?

Engineer Scientist of California Local 20 (fills technical positions): Contact the Hiring Hall Administration Team at 925-459-7227 for further instructions.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 1245 (fills clerical and physical positions): Take your Test Qualification Letter to 30 Orange Tree Circle Vacaville, CA 95687 to sign up on the union’s list and wait to be dispatched for an available position. NOTE: You can only sign up for one classification and location with the union (union locations cover broad areas) at a time. If you have additional questions please contact the HH Administration Team at 925-459-7226.

Helpful Tips:

* If you are currently test qualified and do not have a copy of the Test Qualification Letter please contact the Hiring Hall Admin Team at 925-459-7226 to further assist you.
* The HH Admin Team cannot provide status on the union’s list or if you are close to being dispatched.
* Some positions commonly filled through the Hiring Hall process include the following:

Clerical PositionsPhysical PositionsTechnical Positions
Operating ClerkUtility WorkerMapping Technician
Utility ClerkMaterials HandlerProject Manager
Service RepresentativeInstaller / Meter ReaderEngineering Estimator

* To help you evaluate your fit for these positions:

  • Clerical Positions generally require the Clerical/Meter Reader Test Battery (CTB/MTB) and the Work Orientation Inventory (WOI).
  • Physical Positions generally require the Physical Test Battery (PTB).
  • Technical Positions generally require the Physical Test Battery (PTB), Technical Test, and/or resume.
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