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  • State likely to set energy standards for consumer electronics

    June 10, 2012The utility partnered with Best Buy's San Carlos store to create a "Home Energy Department" display within the store to educate consumers about energy-efficient products… Source: San Jose Mercury News
  • PG&E Becomes a Better Buildings Ally

    June 8, 2012Pacific Gas and Electric Company says it will provide energy efficiency programs that will reach 30 million square feet of its commercial customers by 2015 as a {Better Buildings Challenge} ... Source: Environmental Leader
  • Green Button Momentum

    June 7, 2012Through the Better Buildings Challenge, PG&E will provide commercial building energy efficiency multi-measure programs that will reach 30 million square feet of the commercial customer class by 2015… Source: WhiteHouse.Gov
  • Why is it Difficult to Connect U.S. Veterans With Energy Jobs?

    June 5, 2012Tony Earley, Chairman/CEO of Pacific Gas & Electric, said his company has collaborated with unions, community colleges, and agencies helping separating service members to locate, train and place veterans… Source: AOL Energy
  • CPUC should approve a new green energy plan from PG&E

    May 15, 2012The Green Option is simple to understand, simple to utilize and provides an easy opportunity for businesses, governments and residents to reduce their carbon footprint through 100 percent green energy… ... Source: San Jose Mercury News
  • Preparing power lines for fire season

    May 12, 2012Wildfire season is here, and PG&E is taking to the skies to make sure their power lines are ready… Source: CBS47 (Fresno)
  • PG&E's new EV proposal lays groundwork for $1-per-gallon fuel

    May 10, 2012Yesterday, the biggest electric utility in California, the largest car market in the country, took an important step to give drivers access to a cleaner fuel that's roughly the equivalent ... Source:
  • PUC should fast-track PG&E biz rate incentive

    May 9, 2012The proposal would have a major impact on California because of the chronic joblessness facing many parts of the state… Source: Modesto Bee
  • CPUC Approves Demand-Response Budgets for California Utilities

    April 23, 2012The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has adopted demand-response (DR) activities and budgets for Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE) and San Diego Gas & Electric ... Source: Renew Grid
  • Diablo Canyon safely shuts down Unit 1 reactor for maintenance

    April 23, 2012Pacific Gas and Electric Company began scheduled refueling and maintenance on one of two nuclear reactors at Diablo Canyon Power Plant Monday… Source: KSBY
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