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  • Winter heating bills expected to dip, PG&E says

    October 8, 2009As mornings grow colder with the onset of fall, home heating bills should stay relatively stable, according to the latest forecast from Pacific Gas and Electric Co. Source: The San Francisco Chronicle
  • Bird protection on the fly

    October 6, 2009WOODBRIDGE - Sandhill cranes lodging here this winter may find the area more accommodating thanks to hundreds of plastic "bird diverters" hung from power lines. Source: The Stockton Record
  • Heating bills should drop this winter

    October 6, 2009As the cold winds of a stormy economy blow across the Bay Area, there may be one consolation for residents: the area's major utility says heating bills will likely drop ... Source: San Mateo County Times
  • PG&E awarded $1.4 billion to continue energy programs

    October 5, 2009NORTH BAY - PG&E and two other California utilities have been granted $3.1 billion by the California Public Utilities Commission to continue energy-efficiency programs from 2010 through 2012. Source: North Bay Business Journal
  • Local wildlife care organization gets big boost from PG&E

    October 1, 2009A local wildlife organization gets a big boost that will help both animals and the environment. Pacific Wildlife Care will be receiving an $11,000 grant from Pacific Gas & Electric on ... Source:
  • Pocketbook power boost

    September 30, 2009Saving energy is one thing. Saving money on your PG&E bill is another. To that end, the utility offers programs for low-income customers to help them save money. Other programs help ... Source: Contra Costa Times
  • Way Behind the Curve

    September 30, 2009The United States Chamber of Commerce's Web site says the group supports ''a comprehensive legislative solution'' to global warming. Yet no organization in this country has done more to undermine ... Source: The New York Times
  • Berkeley High Selected for Green Energy Small Schools Grant

    September 29, 2009State schools chief Jack O'Connell will be in Berkeley Wednesday to announce the names of five California public high schools, including Berkeley High, which were selected for a new "green ... Source: The Berkeley Daily Planet
  • PG&E launching high school cleantech program

    September 29, 2009PG&E Co. and the California Department of Education tomorrow will announce a “green energy” academy pilot program to train high school students in green energy technologies. Source: San Francisco Business Times
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce faces revolt over its opposition to global warming legislation

    September 29, 2009As California Sen. Barbara Boxer prepares to unveil the Senate's climate change legislation on Capitol Hill today, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — a strong opponent of the global warming ... Source: San Jose Mercury News
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