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  • Air Force blue is going green

    February 2, 2010Alternative energy is on everybody's mind these days. California leaders have mandated that 33 percent of the state's power come from renewable energy sources by 2020. Even the most ardent ... Source: Santa Maria Sun
  • PG&E: The Sustainable Utility

    January 29, 2010Everyone knows that "sustainable" is good, but what exactly is it? Corporate Knights, a Canadian-based magazine for "clean capitalism," has come up with a comprehensive definition--and it announced yesterday that ... Source: NEXT100
  • A Community That Truly Cares

    January 20, 2010PG&E is to be commended for their fast, efficient response to the emergency. Restoring power to over 25,000 customers within 14 hours of an earthquake of this magnitude is phenomenal. ... Source: Eureka Times-Standard
  • PG&E To help fund SolarCity installations

    January 20, 2010PG&E Corp. will spend $60 million to help a Foster City company install solar panels on homes and businesses. Source: San Francisco Chronicle
  • White House, CEOs Talk Management

    January 19, 2010President Mr. Obama recently welcomed 50 chief executive officers, including Peter Darbee, CEO of PG&E Corporation, to discuss how to make the government run more efficiently. Source: The Wall Street Journal
  • PG&E has programs to help with bills

    January 7, 2010Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E) unveiled several approaches it said would help individuals and families manage their energy costs, especially during a tight economy. Source: The Merced Sun-Star
  • A look at the South Fork High School Science Department

    January 6, 2010The science department at South Fork High School is a rigorous academic program that is standards driven. In 2007, South Fork High School was the recipient of a PG&E solar ... Source: Redwood Times
  • PG&E: 9% drop likely for home heating bills

    January 5, 2010Home heating bills for Pacific Gas and Electric Co. customers are expected to drop 9.2 percent this month compared with last January, the result of warmer weather and lower fuel ... Source: San Francisco Chronicle
  • PG&E customers can expect cheaper heating bills

    January 5, 2010Pacific Gas & Electric customers can expect their home heating bills to be about 9 percent lower this month compared with last January, due to warmer weather and a decline ... Source: San Jose Mercury News
  • Politico Q&A: Brian Hertzog

    December 9, 2009POLITICO talked to Brian Hertzog, director of the company's corporate affairs, about what the utility hopes to accomplish at the U.N. climate conference and beyond. Source: Politico
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