Wholesale Electric Power Procurement

Welcome to PG&E's Wholesale Electric Power Procurement website. To meet customer load, PG&E purchases wholesale electric energy and capacity from generators and suppliers. PG&E periodically conducts Solicitations / Requests for Offers (RFO) for conventional and renewable electricity. Information about PG&E's Wholesale Electric Power Procurement and RFOs will be posted on this website. When PG&E conducts a specific Solicitation / RFO to purchase new energy and/or capacity, the RFO will be announced via e-mail to potential bidders and posted below.

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Request for Offers (RFOs)

Information about particular RFOs

Renewable Auction Mechanism (RAM)>3-20 MWRAM 5
Issued 05-30-2014
2014 Intermediate-Term Resource Adequacy (RA)Minimum 25 MW2014 Intermediate-Term RFO
Issued 04-22-2014
2014 Energy Storage RFODistribution at least 1 MW
Transmission at least 10 MW
Energy Storage RFO
2014 GHG Offset Credit RFOMinimum offer size is 25,000 ARB Offset Credits2014 GHG Offset Credit RFO
Updated 04-10-2014
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Program >5 MWCHP RFO 3
Updated 02-07-2014
2013 Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS)>1.5 MW2013 Renewables RFO
Updated 12-23-2013

Renewable Feed-in TariffsVaries, up to 3 MW. See information below or on the website.Renewable Feed-in Tariffs (FITs)
Updated 12-16-2013

Updated 03-03-2014

Renewable Feed-in Tariffs

Renewable Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) offer long-term wholesale electric energy contracts to eligible small renewable generators. There are three Renewable FIT Programs in various stages of implementation related to Public Utilities Code 399.20.

E-ReMAT FIT (Senate Bill 32) – Senate Bill (SB) 32 amended Public Utilities Code Section 399.20, which increased the eligible project size from 1.5 MW to 3 MW. PG&E has been allocated 218.8 MW of the 750 MW total statewide goal. This capacity allocation, reduced by capacity contracted for under the E-PWF and E-SRG tariffs, has been made available under the Electric - Renewable Market Adjusting (E-ReMAT) Tariff. The effective date of the E-ReMAT Tariff is July 24, 2013. Applications will be accepted starting on October 1, 2013.

Expected Bioenergy FIT (Senate Bill 1122) – Senate Bill (SB) 1122 adds an additional 250 MW to investor owned utility capacity for eligible bioenergy projects. PG&E’s allocation has not yet been determined by the CPUC. An informal process to implement SB 1122 was initiated by the CPUC in May 2013.


Supplier Diversity

It is the policy of PG&E that Women, Minority, and Disabled Veteran-owned Business Enterprises (“WMDVBEs or collectively DBEs”) shall have the opportunity to participate in the performance of Agreements resulting from wholesale electric power procurement solicitations. We encourage supplier relationships with DBEs that can provide competitive prices and services.

  • Women and Minority Business Enterprises (WMBEs)
    To participate as a WMBE, you must be certified by the CPUC WMBE Clearinghouse (Asian Inc.) (Call (800) 359-7998 for an application). The certificate application is free, and certification is valid for three years. The clearinghouse also accepts WMBE verification from comparable agencies in other states. Once verified, your firm is included in a database accessed by all participating California utilities. For more information on the state-wide supplier diversity program, including a description of the program and a list of current certified suppliers, visit the California Public Utilities Commission website.
  • Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBEs)
    DVBE applicants should contact the Office of Small Business Certification and Resources (OSBCR) for more information at (916) 375-4940. Disabled veterans who are California residents and whose principal office is in California are eligible to participate. The certification application is free and can be obtained through the OSBCR website. Certified DVBEs are posted in a database maintained by the OSBCR and available to all participating California utilities and state agencies.
  • Readiness Checklist (PDF, 387 KB)

Our contract administrator can answer questions and assist you with your WMBE or DVBE certificate applications. General information on Pacific Gas and Electric Company's corporate-wide WMDVBE purchasing and contracting programs is available on our Supplier Diversity page.

Procurement Review Group

The PRG meetings are not open to the public and are only open to members of the PRG.

In Decision 07-12-05 2, the California Public Utilities Commission instructed the California Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs) to establish web-based calendars that provide information on Procurement Review Group (PRG) meetings and planned solicitation activities. This calendar will contain only public information.

Closed Request for Offers (RFO)