Energy Storage

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (“PG&E”) announced plans to issue an Energy Storage Request for Information (“RFI” or “Solicitation”) on October 9, 2012. The intent is to obtain information on utility-scale, dispatchable, and operationally flexible storage resources through a solicitation of interest from technology providers, owners, and developers of energy storage resources.

The issuance of this RFI is an opportunity for PG&E to learn about different storage technologies, operational capabilities, stage of development, and costs. The RFI will help PG&E to establish a better understanding of the storage technologies that could bid into a future RFO.

Energy Storage RFI website platform

All exchange of information pertaining to this Energy Storage RFI will be hosted on the Power Advocate site. You must be registered at this site to download the Protocol and Project Data Requested form.

For any issues related to access to the Power Advocate PG&E ES RFI site, please contact PowerAdvocate Technical Support: (857) 453-5800 •

The only submissions that will be considered in this RFI will be those submitted through the Power Advocate site,

PG&E's Schedule for the Energy Storage RFI

PG&E issues Energy Storage RFI
Deadline for Participant to submit registration for Information Webinar
5:00 p.m.
Pacific Prevailing Time (“PPT”)
Information Webinar
Deadline for PG&E to receive Information regarding Participant’s Project

12:00 noon Pacific Prevailing Time (“PPT”)

The RFI consists of an issuance phase and an evaluation phase. The issuance phase will commence with the public release of the protocol document on October 25, 2012. The information provided by Participants will be used in the evaluation phase by PG&E.

After the evaluation phase, PG&E anticipates offering to meet with Participants that provided information that is deemed to be complete into the RFI, starting mid-February 2013.

Webinar Conference

PG&E will host an informational webinar on November 7th from 10:00 am - noon (PPT). The presentation material will be available prior to the webinar.

Registration for this webinar occurs at the Power Advocate site. You must be registered to receive the information regarding the webinar. The deadline for registering is Monday November 5th by 5:00 p.m.

Participation in the webinar is highly encouraged, but not required to submit data into the RFI.

Energy Storage RFI Protocol and Appendices

The 2012 Energy Storage RFI Protocol and the Project Data Requested form are available at the Power Advocate Energy Storage RFI site and are archived here:

Contact Information

For any issues related to the RFI process or access to the Power Advocate site, downloading documents or uploading your data packet, please contact PowerAdvocate Technical Support: (857) 453-5800 •