Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Renewable Auction Mechanism (RAM) Program Map

PG&E has created a map to help contractors and developers identify potential project sites. The map provides the location of selected electric transmission lines, distribution lines and associated substations within the PG&E service areas. In addition, the map also provides specific information, such as operating voltages, line capacity and substation names.

Please note that the map is a tool to help contractors and developers identify potential project sites. The map is not a guarantee that generators can interconnect at any particular time and place. Several factors influence the ability and cost of interconnecting distributed generation systems to the electric system including

  • Size of the distributed generation system
  • Type of distributed generation system (i.e. inverter or machine based)
  • Substation and circuit load and capability
  • Voltage considerations

Any application for interconnection to PG&E's electric system must be directed to our Generation Interconnection team at Actual interconnection requirements and costs will be determined following detailed studies that consider your specific project location, size and application date compared to other projects in the same vicinity. Additionally, government permitting procedures designed to minimize environmental and land use impacts are independent of our interconnection process and may limit the suitability of a particular site.

    • The map shows selected electric transmission lines, electric distribution lines and substations within the PG&E service area.
    • Contractors and developers can interact with the map to identify potential project sites.
    • PG&E's electric system is dynamic. Circuit configurations, particularly on the distribution system, can change for a variety of reasons (new loads, undergrounding projects, seasonal switching patterns, new circuits, voltage and reliability considerations, etc.). PG&E will update the map monthly. Please be aware that the same location may yield different circuit results over time.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Renewable Auction Mechanism (RAM) Program Map >>


Will the maps be made available directly in a Google Earth file format or any other downloadable format?
At this time, PG&E does not anticipate making the maps available in any other downloadable format because 1) PG&E does not want files representing the electric system in the public domain; 2) the dynamic nature of PG&E's electric system and the prospect of different users having files with different system configurations; and 3) the method PG&E is using to display the data and the associated volume of data.

Will the information in the "pop-up" windows for electric distribution lines be made available in a tabular format (i.e. excel or .csv file)?
PG&E is considering making the distribution circuit data available via an excel file.

Why doesn't the map show the locations of existing distributed generators?
The CPUC decision does not require the utilities to show the locations of existing distributed generators, just the amount of the generation on a circuit. Additionally, the distributed generators are not owned by PG&E. PG&E does not have the permission of distributed generators to show the location of their facilities. Consequently, the map is not configured to provide that type of information.

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