Energy Storage Program

Pursuant to Assembly Bill 2514 (Pub. Util. Code § 2836 et seq.) and Decision 13-10-040, PG&E filed its Application on February 28, 2014 to meet its energy storage program target of 580 MW.

PG&E Application and Testimony

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQs (PDF, 249 KB) updated April 4, 2014

Wholesale Electric Interconnection

PG&E encourages potential Participants to enter the applicable electric interconnection process (transmission or distribution) as soon as practicable.

  • Wholesale Electric Interconnection
  • Map - PG&E has developed an interactive, Google-based map of its service territory. The map is a tool to help renewable energy developers identify potential project sites. It not a guarantee that generators can interconnect at any particular time and place.

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The Generator Interconnection Procedure pursuant to the WDT and CAISO Tariff consists of three application processes: (1) The “Fast Track Procedure” for generators 5 MW (2 MW on 12kV, 3MW on 21kV, and 5MW on higher voltages) in size that pass the “Fast Track Screens," (2) the “Independent Study Process” for all generators that are electrically independent from another generator or cluster of generators, and (3) the “Cluster Study Process” for interconnection requests that do not qualify for the Fast Track Process or the Independent Study Process.

Under the CAISO Tariff and PG&E WDT Generator Interconnection Procedures, all interconnection requests under the Independent Study Process or Cluster Process may request interconnection as a “full capacity” resource. Please refer to PG&E’s or CAISO’s website for more details.

Any application for interconnection to PG&E can be submitted through an online form available at the:

Other Resources

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