Wholesale Distribution Fast Track Interconnection Process

Interconnecting Your Generating Facility with PG&E's Electric Grid

If you own or are developing a solar farm of up to approximately 40 acres or other certified generation-based facility that produces up to 5 MW of electricity, and you are interested in selling the power in excess of what you use, you may qualify for PG&E's Wholesale Fast Track interconnection application process. All generators who wish to connect their self-generation systems to the PG&E electric grid must have an interconnection agreement with PG&E.

The Fast Track process allows customer generators to interconnect to a nearby distribution line as long as this causes minimal impact on PG&E's electric system. ("Minimal impact" means there is already sufficient local load on the lines to prevent reverse power flow.) If you generate more than 500 kW of electricity you may sell your excess power on the open market in addition to selling it to PG&E.

Before you get started, please make sure to contact your local city or county building or planning department to learn about the requirements for your project.

Find your local building department >>

The Interconnection Process

  • For an overview of the Wholesale Distribution Fast Track interconnection process, view the Process Flow .
  • Find out how to get started interconnecting your system and the items you need to complete your interconnection application by reading the Getting Started Guide (PDF, 94 KB).
  • For information and guidance on completing the application, see the Wholesale Distribution Application Tutorial (PDF, 370 KB).
  • For a detailed explanation of the three-part online application, view the Application Checklist (PDF, 141 KB).

Your Project Site

If your project is in the planning stages, you'll want to check out our Photovoltaic Renewable Auction Mechanism map. It shows important information about PG&E circuit names, the voltage of the electric facility nearest to your project site, loading and more. This information can help you and your developer choose an appropriate project site. View the map >>

Understanding Costs

The costs of interconnecting your generation system to the PG&E electric system will depend on several factors, including the system size, substation and circuit capability and voltage considerations. The electric system nearest your site may not have the capacity to receive the amount of electricity you propose to generate. As a result, you may be required to pay for upgrades to the interconnection facilities, distribution system and network to accommodate your request. Once you and PG&E agree on the scope of your project, PG&E will conduct a study to identify the costs and schedule for any required upgrades and will communicate this information to you.


The PG&E Fast Track study process typically takes about three months. If the study determines that your project does not meet the requirements for the Fast Track process, an additional study will be required.

Find out more about timelines in PG&E's Fast Track Process Flow >>

View more specific information about timelines in the Wholesale Distribution Tariff >> (PDF, 1.5 MB)

PG&E is Here to Help

Once PG&E receives your completed application package and applicable fees, a Generation Interconnection Services representative will contact you to discuss your project and confirm a common understanding of:

  • Our generation interconnection procedures
  • Your generator size and point of interconnection
  • Whether your project qualifies for the Fast Track application process
  • Your project timeline and next steps

PG&E is here to help you navigate the interconnection process and its rules, from submitting your application to obtaining your Permission to Operate. Our Generation Interconnection Services team is here to help you ensure a successful project and a safe, reliable interconnection to the grid. For assistance, please email wholesalegen@pge.com.

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