Catalog Management – Ketera Supplier Content Management (KSCM)

PG&E’s third party Web-based catalog content management tool, Ketera Supplier Content Management (KSCM), assists in orienting catalog suppliers and managing catalog content. PG&E uses KSCM to approve catalog content and monitor the progress of each supplier’s catalog activity. Suppliers with PG&E-Hosted material or service catalogs, except CWA Service Catalogs, use the KSCM tool to:

  • Upload their initial catalog content and subsequent catalog refreshes, and
  • Validate the catalog content and data formatting, preparing the catalog for upload into PG&E’s procurement system.

KSCM streamlines the content management process with automatic task assignment, email notifications and catalog status tracking, offering suppliers visibility and accessibility to their production catalogs.

For assistance in using KSCM, follow the Quick Reference Guide for Suppliers (PDF, 274 KB). Support is available at or 1-800-485-4340.