PG&E Purchasing Department Contacts

To inquire about purchasing opportunities, contact the purchasing team that best matches your type of business or services.

Other Purchasing Department Contacts

Mailing Address
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Sourcing/Purchasing Department
245 Market Street, Mail Code NOB1X
San Francisco, CA 94105

*  Energy Delivery is the PG&E business unit responsible for gas and electric transmission and distribution facilities. If you are a supplier of Materials to PG&E, follow these Shipping Instructions:

Routing Instructions

1-300 lbs.United Parcel Service (UPS)
(800) 742-5877
Account#: 951193.
301 – 15000 lbs.
C H Robinson Co.
(866) 760-4895
Or, Pg&
15,000 lbs.+ (Interstate)
15,000 lbs.+ (Intrastate)
All American Logistics
(866) 577-3311
Air Freight Aeronet Worldwide
(800) 654-8229