Core Transport Agent Documents

This location contains links to documents CTAs will need to complete and submit to PG&E in order to participate in Core Gas Aggregation Services. Details regarding the conditions under which the CTA must submit each of the documents below are provided by your CTA Account Manager.

Gas Aggregation Service Agreement and Attachments

Core Gas Aggregation Service Agreement: Service agreement that CTAs must complete and submit prior in order to participate in Core Gas Transport Service with PG&E. Execution of the agreement and all attachments linked below is required to begin Gas Aggregation Service.

Energy Service Provider Information Form (PDF, 4 KB)

Information form that Gas CTAs and Electric ESPs must complete and submit prior to participating in Direct Access with PG&E.

Gas Transmission Service Agreement and Exhibits

Service agreement CTAs must complete prior to receiving monthly intrastate distribution services.

EDI Setup Form (PDF, 4 KB)

This form is required in order to setup CTAs for electronic data exchange with PG&E using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) protocol.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

This Website provides EDI documentation related to technical requirements, transaction sets, contacts, etc.

EDI Trading Partner Agreement (PDF, 43 KB)

Agreement that CTAs who will be offering Consolidated CTA billing services will need to complete and submit.

Credit Information (PDF, 25 KB)

CTAs must complete and submit the credit application and obtain credit approval from PG&E prior to participating in Core Gas Aggregation Services.

Corporate Guarantee (PDF, 26 KB)

PG&E's standard document for Gas CTAs and Electric ESPs who are required to provide a corporate guaranty.

Other California Gas Transmission documents

CTAs will from time to time need to submit California Gas Transmission Documents such as the California Production Cumulative Imbalance Trading Form, Cumulative Imbalance Trading Form for Schedule G-BAL Service, etc.

Customer Information Release (PDF, 63 KB)

Form which Gas CTAs and Electric ESPs must have customers complete in order to obtain confidential information such as historical usage data. For example, under certain circumstances CTAs must submit historical usage data prior to submitting a customer connect request. Completed forms must be forwarded to PG&E prior to the release of information.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company 2012 Meter Reading Schedule