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PG&E collaborates with a defined network of educational and community-based training partners to create industry-informed coursework and career pathways that prepare candidates for jobs at PG&E and in the energy and utilities industry. Note: Due to the volume of applications we receive for our Signature programs, only those who meet eligibility requirements will be contacted. PG&E does not imply or guarantee employment upon program completion.

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2014 Schedule

Signature Programs

Customized coursework developed in partnership with PG&E to prepare students for entry- and apprentice-level careers, including pre-employment testing, at PG&E and other utilities. Applications submitted for enrollment undergo rigorous pre-screening. Program enrollment is limited and eligibility requirements apply. Courses may lead to certificates of completion and college credit. Courses will open for enrolment up to three months before course start date.

ProgramLocation/CAHow to ApplyStartEnd
Bridge to Utility Worker Fresno County Enrollment Closed 08/12/14 09/12/14
Entry to Electric Operations American River College Enrollment Closed 05/05/14 07/11/14
Bridge to Utility Worker West Hills College, Lemoore Enrollment Closed 02/10/14 03/31/14
Entry to Electric Operations American River College Enrollment Closed 12/27/14 02/14/14
Entry to Gas Operations Fresno City College’s Career &
Technology Center
Enrollment Closed 01/13/14 03/21/14
Bridge to Gas Operations Cypress Mandela Training Center Apply Ongoing -

Affinity Programs

Coursework developed in partnership with PG&E that focuses on skills specific to PG&E and other utilities hiring needs. Courses may lead to certificates of completion, college credit and AA degrees.

ProgramLocation/CAHow to ApplyStartEnd
Advanced Welding Laney College, Oakland Apply Ongoing -
Advanced Welding Butte College, Chico Apply   Ongoing -
Integrated Energy Solutions Cert
Oakland Apply March 2013 TBD
Electrical Power Systems Cert College of San Mateo, San Mateo Apply  Ongoing -
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