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The PowerPathway Training Network is comprised of community college, university and educational partners who collaborate with PG&E to provide training and educational courses that respond to California’s growing energy workforce needs. Together, we work to cultivate career pathways and technical training programs in anticipation of industry workforce trends in the four core areas below.

The PowerPathway Energy and Efficiency Renewables Training Network is comprised of educational partners who collaborate with PG&E to achieve California's economic energy efficiency and demand-side management potential.

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  • The PowerPathway™ Solar Water Heating course at Diablo Valley College is focused on meeting the utility industry’s expected increase in demand from residential and commercial customers for solar thermal installations. Training is provided to students, who are all owners or employees of plumbing or solar contracting businesses. PG&E rebates for solar powered water heating systems became available in May 2010 through the California Solar Initiative, and created a greater need for qualified technicians.
  • PG&E shares more than 30 years of energy efficiency curricula with community colleges across northern and central California. Learn how to join the more than 68,000 businesses, construction professionals and energy efficiency program participants who are already benefiting from continuing education opportunities offered through our PG&E workshops and training programs.

The PowerPathway Clean Tech Vehicles Training Network offers coursework that supports the maintenance and operation of an environmentally-friendly fleet of vehicles.

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2010 Highlights

  • Collaborated with the local community college system to provide PG&E's mechanics with the skills necessary to maintain and repair GM and Ford hybrid trucks in order to uphold the vehicle service warranty and minimize service costs. To accomplish this, a PG&E master mechanic provided training to seven community colleges on how to deliver the GM/Ford curriculum. These seven colleges in turn provided training to 225 PG&E mechanics across eight regional garages within the span of two months. This approach concurrently solved operational needs and expanded the community college system’s ability to teach the material.
  • The Bridge to Utility Equipment Mechanic program at Sacramento's American River College trained military veterans and other students on hybrid trucks and air brakes for heavy duty vehicles. Coupled with additional education, graduates gained the skills needed for hard-to-fill equipment mechanic positions at PG&E.

The PowerPathway Engineering and Smart Grid Training Network offers coursework to help students understand the changing industry demand in smart grid, power engineering and integrated demand side management.

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  • The PowerPathway™ Certificate in Integrated Energy Solutions is a one-year, four-course program at California State University, East Bay, designed to help both prospective and current technical professionals master the fundamentals of energy efficient building engineering and sustainable construction practices.
  • The PowerPathway™ Certificate in Power Engineering is a one-year, four-course program at California State University, East Bay, offering technical students working in power-related fields the opportunity to build their skills and knowledge in power engineering.

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The PowerPathway Skilled Crafts Training Network offers career prep training to strengthen candidates' basic skills and knowledge of the energy and utility industry. Coursework includes technical, job specific and soft skills training, as well as the physical conditioning needed to compete for entry-level field jobs, such as line worker or utility worker.

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  • More than 100 military veterans have graduated from our Bridge to Utility Worker and Bridge to Utility Equipment Mechanic programs at Fresno City College and American River College (Sacramento). Out of all seven Bridge to Utility Worker programs to date, over 60 percent of those who have successfully completed have been hired by PG&E, a PG&E contractor, or an industry-related employer. At PG&E, graduates are employed in a variety of positions, including utility workers, system operators, gas service representatives, power plant technicians and communication technicians.
  • The PowerPathway™ Certificate in Electrical and Power Systems was launched at the College of San Mateo to source hard-to-fill apprentice electrical technician positions. Extensive community outreach by PowerPathway™ and California Energy and Utility Workforce Consortium partners resulted in student enrollment diversity averaging 69 percent.
  • The PowerPathway™ Capstone to Utility Welding program at Butte College in Chico completed its third year, a program from which PG&E has consistently hired 8 to 10 apprentice welders each year.

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PG&E follows an extensive apprenticeship system for many of its career paths. In addition to helping candidates become prepared for future employment, certain PowerPathway™ courses, such as the Bridge to Pre-Apprentice/Utility Worker, can also prepare candidates for possible selection into an industry apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship training programs provide specialized on-the-job and academic training to eligible union-represented employees who want to become certified in a certain trade. For more information about apprenticeship in California, visit Department of Industrial Relations.

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