The Trade Professional Alliance can help your business thrive.

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PG&E's Trade Professional Alliance provides a wide range of services and programs to help participants maintain and grow their businesses. Any trade professional who sells, installs or services products such as refrigeration, lighting, food service goods, agricultural equipment, boilers, motors or HVAC can join.
Download Participation Guidelines (PDF, 155 KB)

If you are already a participant, we would like to thank you for your involvement in our energy programs and for spreading the word about our energy-efficient and cost-saving options.

Benefits of the Trade Professional Alliance

  • PG&E Energy Insight for Trade Professional Alliance
    This robust tool will give you access to streamlined rebate application processing, program updates and communications about training and education courses as well as enhance lead generation opportunities using our customer search tool.
  • Receive Direct Rebate Payments
    Upon customer approval, rebate payments can be released to you. These payments can then be used to help offset customers' upfront costs.
  • Get Support When and Where You Need It
    Trade professional management teams located throughout PG&E territory are dedicated to supporting your needs. They provide training for your sales team, answer program questions and offer co-marketing and lead generation. They can also help you establish relationships with local PG&E representatives who regularly interact with business customers.
  • Increase Your Exposure
    List your business with our online Directory of Trade Professionals.
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PLEASE NOTE: To be listed, Trade Professional Alliance members must have completed at least one project through PG&E’s Energy Management Program within 12 months of their enrollment date.

  • Stay Up to Date
    Receive a free subscription to the Trade Pro Alliance newsletter. The quarterly publication features the latest energy-efficiency news and trends.
  • Display the Trade Professional Alliance Participation Logo
    Show others your company is a Proud Participant in PG&E's energy management programs.
    Download Co-Marketing Guidelines (PDF, 943 KB)
  • Get Advance Notice of Special Events and Marketing Campaigns
    Take advantage of services and resources such as networking and training seminars.

For additional information about the Trade Professional Alliance, please call PG&E's Business Customer Service Center toll free at 1-800-468-4743.

*Ensure that the first person accessing Energy Insight for Trade Professionals for your company has the authority to enroll your company in PG&E's Trade Professional Alliance (TPA) program. If you have already submitted a paper TPA Agreement for 2015, you will also need to enroll online to have access to the Energy Insight for Trade Professionals platform.

Participation Requirements

    • Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 310 KB)
    • All Trade Pro Professionals, regardless of previous participation, are required to reenroll for the EE program cycle and complete the mandatory training, Trade Pro 101, an in-person training course that will help you take full advantage of the various EE programs.
    • Trade Pro re-enrollment takes place using this IT platform: Energy Insight for Trade Professionals.
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Additional Resources

Get Help Securing EE Financing
Find out about PG&E's EE On-Bill Financing program to help your customer's EE project move forward:
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Print Out a Flyer
Download this two-page information sheet about PG&E's Trade Professional Alliance.
Download Flyer (PDF, 695 KB)

Need Help? Here are two easy-to-use guides to help you register and use PG&E's Energy Insight for Trade Professional Alliance platform.
How to enroll in Energy Insight–for PG&E Trade Professionals (PDF, 708 KB)
How to apply for rebates using Energy Insight–for PG&E Trade Professionals (PDF, 737 KB)

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