Balanced Payment Plan (BPP)

Avoid surprises with a Balanced Payment Plan

Control your budget.
A Balanced Payment Plan can make planning and budgeting easier for your business. Our billing system uses your average energy use costs to calculate what your monthly payments will be.

Enrolling is easy.
  • Log into your account using My Energy and see how much your monthly payment will be. You can then set up Balanced Payment Plan directly from there. Alternatively, there’s an online enrollment form you can complete. Either way signing up is fast and easy.

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  • How does a Balanced Payment Plan work?
    Your meters will still be read monthly and your bills will show your actual energy costs, but you will be asked to pay only your Balanced Payment Plan amount.
  • Who is eligible to enroll in the Balanced Payment Plan?
    Balanced Payment Plan is available to qualified small business customers on an A1 or A6 rate.
  • How much will my monthly payments be if I enroll in a Balanced Payment Plan?
    Simply log into your ‘My Energy’ account to calculate how much your BPP would be. You’ll find BPP on the bottom left once you log into your My Energy account.
  • Is there an enrollment fee?
  • Can I sign up for a Balanced Payment Plan if I’m already enrolled in PG&E’s e-Bills plan?
  • Can the amount I pay through the balanced payment plan change?
    After you enroll in the Plan, PG&E monitors your account and may change the amount if appropriate, but no more than once every four months. Changes may be made only to ensure that you are paying an average of what you actually owe throughout the year.

Other Easy Ways to Pay

  • Log into your account and sign up for:
    • eBills Paperless Billing
      View and pay your bills online.
    • Automatic Ppayment Plan
      It’s simple to set up and makes bill paying easy.

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