PG&E SmartMeter™ Leads the Nation

PG&E and Wellington Energy, an authorized, independent contractor for PG&E, began upgrading gas and electric meters in 2006. The SmartMeter™ program is already the largest in the nation, and by mid-2012, will be available to all of the millions of gas and electric customers we serve.

The SmartMeter™ system provides new features for you: More convenience and better, faster service; New rate choices and more control over your energy bills.

Getting Your SmartMeter™ Device

Check on SmartMeter™ Installation Progress to see where SmartMeter™ equipment has been installed and when it will be installed in your area.

PG&E will send you a letter a few weeks before the meter is scheduled for the upgrade. As long as the meter is accessible, you don't need to do anything.

What SmartMeter™ Can Do For You

You will continue to receive the same dependable service you receive today. Once read remotely, you can see your daily/hourly usage online to make smarter energy choices.

Learn what SmartMeter™ can do for you by exploring the benefits of SmartMeter™ technology and how the SmartMeter™ System works.

FAQ and Help

Read the FAQ and get help with your SmartMeter™. You can share your story and learn more about the tools to help with energy use and saving money.

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