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This forecast averages temperatures in PG&E's territory, showing the probability of a Peak Day Pricing Event Day. The current weekday trigger temperature is 96°.

Learn More About Peak Day Pricing

On Peak Day Pricing, you receive credits off your base rate plan from May through October. In exchange, prices are higher for energy used during designated peak “Event Days” and times. There are between 9 and 15 Peak Day Pricing Event Days per year. You are notified a day prior to each Event Day, so you can be sure to reduce your energy use between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. on those days, when prices are significantly higher.

With Bill Protection, you can try Peak Day Pricing risk-free for the first year. If at the end of your first year, your costs on Peak Day Pricing are higher than your costs would have been on your current time-of-use rate plan, Bill Protection will credit you back the difference. And you can choose to opt-out of Peak Day Pricing at any time, even during your first year on the program.



What is Peak Day Pricing?

Peak Day Pricing is a new program that works in conjunction with time-of-use rates to offer credits on your regular energy bills in exchange for higher prices a handful of times per year, typically on summer weekday afternoons.

Why am I defaulting to Peak Day Pricing?

As part of a plan mandated by the California Public Utilities Commission to ensure greater power reliability and a better energy future, all PG&E business customers are switching to Peak Day Pricing over the next few years. Peak Day Pricing encourages conservation on 9 - 15 Event Days per year when the electrical grid is under the most strain, typically summer weekday afternoons. By reducing your energy use at those times, you help keep California's energy supply clean, reliable and affordable. You can opt-out of Peak Day Pricing at any time.

What is a Peak Day Pricing Event Day?

Customers who participate in Peak Day Pricing will experience between 9 and 15 Peak Day Pricing Event Days annually in addition to time-of-use pricing. On Peak Day Pricing Event Days, a surcharge is added to a portion of the peak period (i.e. from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.) which customers will pay in addition to their regular peak electric rate. Peak Day Pricing customers also receive credits for electricity use between May 1 and October 31. Customers who conserve electricity during high demand hours and Peak Day Pricing Event hours can save money on their overall electric bills.

What benefits does Peak Day Pricing offer?

The system of charges and credits is designed to financially reward customers who can reduce energy use for just a few hours per year.

Is there any risk?

PG&E offers a Bill Protection program that guarantees you will not pay more during your first year on the program than you would have on your current time-of-use rate plan. You can also decide to opt-out of Peak Day Pricing at any time.

How does Bill Protection work?

Bill Protection lets you try Peak Day Pricing risk-free for a full year. After 12 months on the program, PG&E automatically runs a comparison of what you paid on Peak Day Pricing and compares that amount against what you would have paid on your current time-of-use plan. If you paid more on Peak Day Pricing, you will automatically receive a credit for the difference on your PG&E bill.

Who participates in Peak Day Pricing?

Thousands of businesses have joined the program and seen their bills drop. Their efforts add up. In 2012, participants lowered electricity demand during Peak Day Pricing events by more than 30 megawatts, reducing emissions by an amount equivalent to taking over 1,000 cars off the road. Not only did they save money, they helped keep power flowing reliably when it was needed most.**

Beginning November 2014, Small and Medium Business customers will start to automatically transition to Peak Day Pricing. Small and Medium Agriculture customers will not automatically transition to Peak Day Pricing, but the rate option is available in My Energy. Large Commercial and Large Agriculture customers have already automatically transitioned to Peak Day Pricing and have the ability to enroll or opt out of Peak Day Pricing by choosing the rate that works best for them at My Energy.

**Calculation based on EPA figures, plus assumptions of average 30 mph driving speed.

How do I sign up or opt out of Peak Day Pricing?

Once you've decided whether or not Peak Day Pricing is right for your business, log in to the Peak Day Pricing Choice tool at the top of this page to get started.

Effective summer rates are lower after Peak Day Pricing credits have been applied, but effective rates are higher during Peak Day Pricing Event Hours.

Program Summary

    • 9 to 15 Event Days take place per year
    • Rates are higher on Event Days between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.
    • Receive discounted energy rates between May 1 and October 31
    • Get day-ahead notice before every Event Day
    • Participate risk-free your first year with bill protection

Peak Day Pricing Choice

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