PG&E Third-Party Programs - Helping PG&E Customers with Energy Efficiency

PG&E Third-Party Programs consist of several distinct programs that assist our customers' efforts towards saving energy. Each program is managed by an energy-efficiency implementation specialist selected by PG&E to enhance our ability to reach residential and business customers. These programs have been designed to meet the unique needs of our diverse customer base, and offer a range of services to support customers in their energy-efficiency efforts.

Learn more (PDF, 106 KB) about these specialists and how your company may benefit from their expertise.

Benefits of using PG&E Third-Party Programs may include:

  • Industry-specific expertise that can provide customized energy management solutions.
  • Facility energy audits, engineering services and technical design assistance.
  • Installation of energy efficiency equipment, at low or no cost.
  • Application facilitation and support services of customer rebates and incentives upon installation of energy-efficiency solutions.
  • Services to facilitate and sustain long-term optimization of energy savings, such as employee training and post-installation quality control.
  • Information on other energy management program offerings, funding options or assistance accessing funds.

Becoming a Third-Party Implementation Specialist

If your company is interested in becoming a Third-Party Implementation specialist register via the PEPMA website today to learn more. Registration allows you to:

  • Identify your expertise in various areas of energy efficiency and select IOUs and areas for potential program implementation.
  • Receive guidance on use of the Web site, information about solicitation process and energy efficiency opportunities.
  • View and receive Requests for Abstracts and Proposals as they are developed and distributed statewide and/or by individual IOU.
  • In response to solicitations post your ideas and program proposals on self-created and secure web portal.

Searching and Viewing the Program List

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