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Managing energy use means saving money

Every year California universities and colleges spend close to $2 billion on energy. But those energy bills could be lowered by 30% or more if a strategic approach to energy management was adopted.
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Case Studies

Learn how other universities and colleges have taken advantage of our incentives and programs to implement energy efficiency measures.

Energy Saving Tips

Creating a healthy, energy-conscious learning environment begins with strategic thinking about your energy use. The following tips will help get you started.
  • Optimize your energy management system to reflect usage, changing weather, and peak electric situations.
  • Light and cool only occupied spaces. Occupancy sensors and time switches can reduce energy consumption in infrequently used areas like auditoriums and break rooms.
  • Replace atmospheric boilers with condensing combustion boilers.
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Statewide Partnership Program

  • The following institutions have developed a unique partnership to expand energy efficiency and sustainability at public colleges and universities:
    • The University of California (UC)
    • California State University (CSU)
    • California Community Colleges (CCC)
    • California’s Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs)
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