Turning a box on the roof into a bigger opportunity

Scheduled comprehensive Quality Maintenance means that business owners, managers, and tenants save money and downtime on failures and repairs, while employees and customers all benefit from a more productive and pleasant environment.

When you consider that the cost of replacing one HVAC unit can be in excess of $5,000 it’s easy to see why a Quality Maintenance program makes tons of sense.

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Increased revenues from thin air

Program contractors are eligible to earn rebate incentives - up to $210,000 per year. Equally important, this engagement is a maintenance commitment that sets up a 3-year Quality Maintenance upkeep schedule with much of the property owner’s costs offset by additional PG&E incentives.

Quality Maintenance

Quality Maintenance is a statewide effort designed to increase energy efficiency by bringing HVAC upkeep into alignment with national standards.

  • Quality maintenance starts with a contractor inventory and assessment of all current units.
  • Based on these findings, the contractor and client agree on Quality Maintenance plan.
  • The first step is a baseline tune-up to bring your system up to national standards.
  • Building owners earn up to $3,836 per HVAC unit in PG&E incentives for implementing a 3-year Quality Maintenance program that keeps the system in peak condition.

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PG&E offers contractors $50 per HVAC unit for an initial assessment. Contractors are then eligible to receive up to $1,375 per unit as a one-time payment in order to bring the HVAC unit(s) into compliance with national standards set by ASHRAE and ACCA.

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PG&E offers contractors a free educational series that covers ASHRAE and ACCA 180 national standards, as well as practical advice about working with your clients on Quality Maintenance. Once approved, you’ll be added to our online listing of Quality Maintenance contractors.

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If you're not sure about how to start the Quality Maintenance conversation with your building clients, share our brochure with them and suggest reviewing it together.

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