The real cost of poor HVAC performance

Providing your HVAC units with either too little maintenance, or opting for "run to failure," has significant consequences: high emergency repair costs, reduced unit life, and potential replacement costs of $5,000 or more. That frequently leads to landlord tenant conflict, slower lease-up and, as a result, reduced property value over time.

All of which is entirely avoidable by the simple virtue of having your contractor switch to a proactive HVAC Quality Maintenance Program.

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Value of optimizing HVAC

Proactive maintenance of your building’s HVAC system helps you lower upkeep costs by as much as 40%. At the same time, studies show that optimal HVAC performance affects the health, comfort, and productivity of the building, while also helping you prepare for commercial time-of-use billing.

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Quality Maintenance

Quality Maintenance is a statewide effort designed to increase energy efficiency by bringing HVAC performance into compliance with national standards.
  • Your contractor will inventory and assess your current units.
  • Together, you and your contractor then agree on a Quality Maintenance plan.
  • The first step is a baseline tune-up to bring your system up to national standards.
  • You can earn up to $3,836 per HVAC unit in PG&E incentives for implementing a 3-year Quality Maintenance program that keeps the system in peak condition.

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PG&E offers owners incentives of up to $3,836/unit to implement a Quality Maintenance plan for HVAC package units. This amount is paid over 3 years.

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All participating program contractors have completed training in the national standards set by ASHRAE and ACCA.

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Eventually, all HVAC units will require replacement. But instead of a capital expense, consider it an opportunity to capitalize on the latest and most energy efficient technology.

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