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Finance Measures

6 Steps for Businesses Planning an Energy Conservation Measures

It's important to have a proven energy efficiency plan to ensure that a project reaches completion and achieves a business's goals.
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Lighting Options

Choosing the Right Lighting Controls for Your Business

Energy efficient lighting controls constitute one of the largest and most important changes businesses must observe.
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Financing Options

Energy Efficiency Financing Options for Businesses

Embarking on an energy efficiency project is a smart investment that can provide operational benefits for California businesses.
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Green Lease

7 Questions for Your Building Owner When Considering a Green Lease

A green lease can make a big difference to a business’s long-term profits, and it can reduce a business’s carbon footprint.
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Occupancy Sensors

What California Businesses Need to Know About Occupancy Sensors

One energy efficiency project that can provide significant dividends in every industry is the installation of occupancy sensors.
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