Is Solar Water Heating Right for Your Business?

When deciding whether a solar water heating system is the right choice for your commercial or multi-family property, the cost of the system and the location of your property are two factors that should be considered.

Is Solar Water Heating Cost-Effective?

Solar water heating system can reduce your monthly heating bills from expenses associated with future fuel shortages and price increases. However, the initial installation cost of a system can be substantial.
  • If you do choose to install a system, rebates are available through the California Solar Initiative (CSI) Thermal Program
  • A Federal Tax Credit may be available on the installed cost of the system

Does the Location of My Property Matter?

There are a number of property-related factors that can determine whether your property is a good candidate for a solar water heating system.

  • If your property site has un-shaded areas and generally faces south, a solar water heating system should work well for you
  • The amount of sun your site receives and how often the temperatures in your area dip below freezing will help decide the type of system that is best for you
  • If your roof doesn’t have enough space or is the wrong pitch, you can choose to install the system on the ground, as long as it receives sunlight

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