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Building and Renovation Services for Businesses. Need to install or change a service? It’s easy to apply online. Get Started Now
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Our Online Tools and Resources Simplify the Process

If you're starting a new service, relocating or changing an existing service, or simply need temporary power for a business facility or agriculture property, we can help. We offer useful online tools, safety training and energy education classes, as well as tools that streamline the process.

One of these tools is Customer Connections Online. It allows you to submit, track and manage applications for new service installations, temporary construction power, new pumps, relocations and rearrangements, new streetlight services and electric generation interconnections.
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If you're a residential customer planning to build a new house or make changes to your existing home, please visit Building and Renovation Services for Homeowners.

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If you've already signed up, simply log in to submit, track or manage an application.


Take Advantage of Rebates

If you recently purchased new equipment or appliances, you may be eligible for rebates and other incentives.
Download the New Construction Catalog (PDF, 2.7 MB)

Learn About the Process

See what happens every step of the way, from applying and building to getting connected.

Get an Estimate of the Cost

Project costs can vary tremendously, depending on the extent of the project, site conditions and other factors.

Choose a Guide

Straightforward and concise, our Getting Started Guides walk you through the process of installing or making changes to gas and electric services.

Find Answers to Your Questions

Get more information about everything from how to schedule a site visit and set up temporary power to details about load requirements.

Review the Requirements

Take a look at our GreenBook requirements for establishing or changing gas and electric service to new or existing installations.

Locate a Permit Office

Look up your local planning and building departments for permits, inspections and regulations.

Compare Rate Options

Select your type of business to view a chart with detailed information about rates available to you. For additional information about rates, see Agriculture Customers and Business Customers.

Customer Connections Online
Simplifies the Application Process

This convenient online tool makes it easy for you to submit, track and manage applications for gas and electric service.

If you still have questions, please call our Building and Renovation Services expert: 1-877-743-7782.
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