Application for Service Process

Let's Get This Project Started!

Get Ready

Review our Getting Started Guides to learn more about project requirements.

Apply Online

Submit your application for service using Customer Connections Online, any time, 24x7.

Speak with your PG&E Representative

Your PG&E representative will contact you within three business days to discuss project details.

Design your Project

You can either have PG&E or an Applicant Designer design your project. After the design is prepared, PG&E will mail you the project proposal for approval.

Arrange for Trenching

If you are installing or upgrading underground lines, your PG&E representative will provide drawings for trenches or other structures.

Schedule PG&E Build

Work with your PG&E representative to schedule PG&E Construction Crews (Gas and/or Electric).

Prepare for Trench Inspection

If you hired your own contractor for trenching, arrange for inspection with your PG&E representative.

Complete Electrical or Gas Work

Have your contractor install your electrical panel or stub out the gas houseline Electric and Gas Service Requirements.

PG&E Constructs Utility Facilities

You or your contractor must be on site when PG&E installs gas and pulls electric wires into conduit.

Complete Municipal Inspection(s)

Arrange for the appropriate local government agency (City or County) to inspect your electric panel and/or gas houseline.

Confirm Meter Installation Date

Find out from your PG&E representative when your meter will be installed.

PG&E Connects your Service

Once your inspections are complete and your meter is installed, PG&E will turn on your electric and/or gas service.

Once you apply for gas or electric service, a PG&E representative will be assigned to you. Your representative will help you through each step of the process: arranging for an assessment of your site, providing you with a project estimate and agreement, and scheduling construction work and inspections.