Meter Testing and Repair

Why PG&E?

PG&E has been performing its own gas and electric meter testing and repairs for thirty years. PG&E’s Repair Team knows the ins and outs of testing, calibrating,repairing, and salvaging electric and gas meters to maximize a utility’s return on its meter equipment investment. PG&E’s highly skilled and experienced meter test and repair personnel are members of the IBEW. PG&E is corporately independent of all equipment manufacturers and can provide you with unbiased and comprehensive repair and test services for a wide range of meter manufacturers. If you have meters in stock or taken out of service that are in need of accuracy testing, calibration, repairs, or salvaging let PG&E work with you.

Program Benefits
  • Improved equipment and system reliability
  • Reduced operating/maintenance costs
  • Cost-efficient alternative to pipeline capacity additions
  • Thirty highly skilled, PG&E trained, and IBEW certified meter mechanics and shop personnel
  • Testing performed to rigid PG&E and CPUC standards
Services Include
  • Meter accuracy testing
  • Meter calibration services for major meter manufacturers
  • Commercial gas and electric meter repairs
  • Meter cleaning and painting services
  • Meter salvage and disposal services