PG&E's Core Gas Aggregation Service is an optional program that allows you to purchase gas for your home or business directly from third-party gas suppliers, also known as Core Transport Agents (CTAs). Through this program, PG&E will continue to read your meter, and to transport and deliver gas to your home or business with the same high level of reliability and service that we provide to all of our customers.

PG&E requires new CTAs to complete a certification process, which entails meeting credit and technical requirements, before they are eligible to enroll customers. If PG&E terminates a CTA’s certification due to a failure to maintain PG&E’s certification requirements, or if a CTA goes out of business, a CTA’s customers would continue to receive uninterrupted gas service directly from PG&E.

For more information, see frequently asked questions.

See a list of core transport agents (CTAs) that can supply your gas commodity.

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