Smartmeter(TM) Opt-Out Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs to opt-out of the SmartMeter™ Program?
There is an initial $75 setup charge and a $10 monthly charge. For income-qualified customers (those enrolled in our CARE or FERA programs), the initial setup charge is $10, and the monthly charge is $5.

Why do I have to pay to opt-out of SmartMeter™?
Generally, the opt-out costs help to maintain two meter-reading systems.

Do I have to pay a setup charge and monthly charge for each of my meters?
No, the setup charge is per residence, not per meter. If you have both a gas meter and an electric meter at your property, only one setup charge and one monthly charge will be added to your energy statement. However, if you would like to opt-out for other residences on your account, there is a setup charge and a monthly charge for each additional household.

Once I opt-out, when can I expect to receive my analog meter?
We're working as quickly as possible to assist all of our customers with their opt-out preferences. We do not have the exact date of your installation for you at this time. As your analog meter installation date nears, we will call you to let you know when we plan to visit your home.

Who can opt-out of the SmartMeter™ Program?
The CPUC's Final Decision authorizes residential customers to opt-out for any reason, regardless of whether they have a SmartMeter™ or an analog meter in place.

When did the Commission's decision go into effect?
February 1, 2012.

Can customers call now to opt-out?
Yes. Customers may opt-out of the SmartMeter™ Program online using our web form, by visiting one of our local offices, or by calling our dedicated 24-hour SmartMeter™ line at 1-866-743-0263.

What happens if I don't indicate a meter preference for my home?
If you do not advise us that you wish to opt-out, we will assume that you prefer to have SmartMeters™ at your home. We will upgrade the meter at your home to a SmartMeter™ as part of our standard upgrade process. We will notify you before we plan to upgrade the meter at your home, and you’ll have another opportunity to opt-out at that time.


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  • For information on SmartMeter™, the SmartRate™ program, Energy Alerts and more, call us at 1-866-743-0263.

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