Reading the SmartMeter™


You can also check the accuracy of the meter by learning to read the meters yourself. Meter readings can be found by logging into My Energy, or by reading the meter itself. Here's how:

NEM Customers

Meters for Solar and Renewables are different. Electric NEM meters record the total net amount of electricity used or exported. The display will show an arrow indicating whether you are using or exporting energy.
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How to Read SmartMeter Electric Meters

Determine which meter type you have, and follow the instructions below the corresponding picture to read your meter. See video of a SmartMeter™ electric meter

Landis + Gyr

SmartMeter™ Old


SmartMeter™ New

This SmartMeter™ electric meter by Landis + Gyr uses a digital readout alternating between three different displays:

  • The initial screen will display "888888…" indicating that the unit is functioning properly.
  • The next screen shows the total kWh of energy consumption.This 5-digit number is cumulative and may include leading zeros.
  • The final screen shows the current electric usage at the premise.

This SmartMeter™ electric meter by GE uses a digital readout with one standard display:

  • The 5-digit display showing the total kWh of energy consumption is located on the top line and is always on. This number is cumulative.NOTE: A segment check may display momentarily, but will change back to the standard display.
  • Below the kWh display, the 3-digit voltage level and 3-digit current electric usage displays will alternate (i.e., "240 Volts" is shown for a few seconds and then toggles to ".345 kW" for a few seconds)


How to Read Analog Meters

Independent Safety Review

  • "There is no evidence that additional standards are needed to protect the public from smart meters."

    CCST is a nonpartisan and not-for-profit corporation

    Source: CCST report on Health Impact of Smart Meters