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Now you can download your detailed energy usage with the simple click of a button.

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  • Introducing Green Button Connect
    Introducing Green Button Connect @ PG&E
  • How to Set Your Green Button Connect PIN
    How to Set Your Green Button Connect PIN
  • What is Green Button Connect
    What is Green Button Connect?

What is Green Button?

Responding to the challenge issued by the White House in Fall 2011, PG&E launched "Green Button" for its customers enabling a simple download of personalized energy usage data through its secure website, My Energy. Using Green Button:

  • Customers can download their personal energy usage data
  • Developers and third parties can receive energy usage data from customers in machine-readable form

How do I download my Green Button data?

  • Step 1
    You need to have a My Energy account and an electric SmartMeter™ connected to the network.
    Log in to My Energy or Register.
  • Step 2
    Log in to My Energy and click on the My Usage tab.

  • Step 3
    Click on the Green Button icon and select your download format.
  • Step 4
    Now you can use the file yourself or send it to a third party.

How do I share my Green Button Connect data?

Customers can choose to share their Green Button Connect data with third parties using a secure combination of Service ID and PIN code.

Our current authorized third parties include:

  • Step 1
    You need to have a My Energy account and an electric SmartMeter™ connected to the network. Register
  • Step 2
    Login to My Energy and, from the "Pay & Manage" tab, select "Accounts and Services". Log in to My Energy
  • Step 3
    Scroll down to find the table entitled "Services Linked to My Profile". Check the box(es) to activate Green Button Connect access to your eligible services*. Click "Add PIN" and enter a PIN code** for your selected service(s). You must accept the terms and conditions to proceed.
  • Step 4
    You're almost done! Now you can share your electrical consumption data with one of PG&E's participating third-party service providers.*** To grant access to your electrical consumption data via our secure API, navigate to the third-party service provider's website and provide them with both your Service ID and PIN code.
* Currently, only active electrical Service IDs are eligible for Green Button Connect API access.
** PIN codes can be up to six numerical digits. Choose something hard for others to guess (e.g. NOT 123456).
*** A list of links to PG&E's eligible third-party service providers is listed on this page.

What is Green Button Connect (beta)?

Green Button Connect (beta) gives you greater control over your SmartMeter™ electrical data. Green Button Connect is a software interface that allows PG&E customers to easily share their electrical data with other companies and service providers. These companies can then 'mash up' your data in unique ways to help you save energy.

To get started, all you have to do is set up a PIN code for each of the electrical service agreements you wish to share. Then, provide this PIN / Service ID combination to the companies that you want to share your data with, and you're ready to go. If you wish to stop their access to your data at any time, simply change or delete your PIN.

Beta means Green Button Connect is a trial project. PG&E has partnered with a few select companies that are offering unique ways to help our customers save energy (find them below), and we're hoping to add more in the future. We're also trying to learn as much as we can about whether customers think this is a valuable service, and how we can make it even better.


PG&E responded to the challenge from the White House to design a standard format for customers to access energy usage data online. PG&E launched what's called the Green Button on December 18, 2011, and is pleased to be among the first utilities in the country to empower customers with their own data in a portable format never before available. Making detailed energy usage information available in a standardized file format encourages awareness of energy use as well as innovation among third parties for new customer-focused applications.

Energy app developers will imagine and create innovative, inspiring new ways for customers to relate to, manage, and ultimately reduce their energy consumption. Green Button Connect is the next step in a national effort to provide standardized, easy access to customer energy data that will unlock the next generation of conservation solutions. PG&E’s goal is to make authorized, recurring, machine-to-machine, programmatic data access available to customers and their authorized third-party service providers.

Using Green Button, customers can easily provide their energy usage data to third parties who are developing applications and tools to help consumers manage their energy use. Through the Green Button, customers can download their personal data and send the file to any third party they choose. Previously that option wasn't available. Through Green Button Connect, customers can grant third-party access to their electrical consumption data, providing an even more seamless data sharing experience.

Yes. We have in place the latest password and security protections that prevent third parties from accessing a customer's personal data. Once a customer logs into My Energy and download's their own personal energy usage data through the Green Button, they can choose to send it to a third party. You can learn more about our commitment to customer privacy at

No. Customers must download the Green Button data file to their own computers and then send the file to third parties. As part of our commitment to maintaining customer privacy, PG&E does not deliver the file directly to third parties. For information regarding Green Button Connect (beta), please see: "How does Green Button Connect work?"

Customers can designate up to 13 months of data to be delivered in a single file. If the customer has not had a SmartMeter connected to the network for that long, then the customer can only download the amount of interval data since the transition.

Green Button Connect data contains your Account Service ID and interval electric consumption (in kilowatts).

Energy conservation helps makes our energy grid more reliable in California and directly helps our customers save on their energy bill when they use less.

PG&E does not make higher profits by selling more energy, which makes PG&E and other investor-owned utilities in California distinctly different than most companies that make profits by selling more of a given commodity. One way PG&E makes money is through incentives earned by achieving energy efficiency goals set by our regulator, the California Public Utilities Commission.

When our customers conserve energy it's good for them and it's good for our business. Learn more at

FAQ - Green Button Connect (beta)

Green Button Connect (beta) is something we’re trying out, designed to encourage innovation by making it easier for early adopters to share their past energy consumption with third-party service providers. Unlike Green Button, the Green Button Connect API is intended for software developers, not customers. However, by providing authorized, recurring, machine-to-machine, programmatic data access to customers’ electrical consumption data, our hope is to help customers unlock, in partnership with third-party service providers, new and creative ways to manage their energy consumption.

By sharing your Service ID and PIN combination with authorized third-party service providers, you can unlock your historic electrical consumption data.

Our current authorized third parties include:

Because Green Button Connect (beta) is still in beta, at this time PG&E is only authorizing a select number of companies to access the Green Button Connect API. Customers alone get to decide which of these companies to share their data with. A list of links to PG&E’s eligible third-party service providers is listed below, and on the My Energy Accounts and Services page. In the future, we hope to provide wider access to more data and even more service providers.

Customers can set up PIN code(s) for any of their eligible services. By sharing their PIN code and service ID with authorized third-party service providers, customers are granting access to their electric usage data. Unlike previous Green Button-based solutions, once customers authorize third parties to access their data, Green Button Connect data is available on a recurring basis with no additional action required on the part of customers. Customers can change or delete their PIN at any time to remove third-party access to their data.

Any customer with an electric SmartMeter

PIN codes can be up to six numerical digits. Choose something hard for others to guess (e.g. NOT 123456). You can use the same PIN code for multiple eligible services.

If you change or delete your PIN code, third parties will no longer be able to access the data associated with that service. To grant access to your data, you will have to share your updated PIN and service ID. If you no longer wish to share your new PIN code with a third party, changing or deleting your PIN code will cut off their Green Button Connect access to your future data. Third Parties may still have previous historical data.

Yes. Green Button Connect employs industry standard HTTPS protocol for data transfer, the same used by banks and online retailers. Authentication is handled in two stages. First, third parties must authenticate with PG&E in order to connect to the API. Second, they must present both your Service ID and PIN code in order to access your data. PG&E has made every effort to ensure that our third-party service providers have proper data security protocols and technology in place to protect the data our customers share with them—however, customers should use their own discretion when deciding to share their energy consumption data.

Green Button Connect is something we're trying out as a demonstration through December 2012. If this Green Button Connect project is discontinued, authorized third-party service providers will no longer have access to your data.



Third Parties and Developers

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