Automatic Payment Service

Are you worried about paying your energy bills on time? We offer two secure automatic payment options to make the process a little easier. Both options allow your energy payments to be drawn directly from your bank account. No more stamps. No more checks. And you’ll have time to review your bill before each payment.

Automatic Payment Service (APS) — Schedule Your Online Payment with a Third-Party

Set up free and secure scheduled payments using your bank account. Automatic payment service (APS), which is provided by a secure, third-party business called Direct Payment Plan, gives you complete control over your PG&E payments. You will receive a bill each month showing the date your financial institution is scheduled to pay your energy bill, allowing time for you to review the bill before the payment is made. Please note that customers who enroll in APS can satisfy a request for a non-cash deposit and receive a deposit waiver.

Sign up online or by mail (PDF, 1.8 MB)

e-Bills — Schedule Your Online Payment with PG&E

Set up free and secure scheduled payments using your bank account. With PG&E e-Bills, you can also view your account information online, set up e-mail alerts to notify you when your bills are ready and more.

Sign up for e-Bills through My Energy.

PLEASE NOTE: PG&E accepts electronic payments from most Internet service providers and other bill payment companies as well. For details, contact your financial institution or other online payment service provider, which may charge fees.

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