Energy Upgrade California™ Home Upgrade

Energy Upgrade CaliforniaEnergy Upgrade California™ Home Upgrade is a statewide program that offers incentives to homeowners who complete select energy-saving home improvements. These Home Upgrade incentives reward you for addressing your home energy efficiency needs as a system instead of piece by piece.

Instead of doing a few home improvements here and there to make your home more energy efficient, think about your home as a complete system. Heating, air conditioning, and water heating all work together to help you live comfortably while lowering your utility bills. And Home Upgrade gives you the professional resources you need to take whole-house approach.

By working with participating contractors or raters, homeowners can choose from two incentive options, the Home Upgrade or Advanced Home Upgrade options, depending on their improvement needs and budget.

Either way is a win-win.

  • The Home Upgrade offers up to $2,500 in incentives.
  • The Advanced Home Upgrade offers up to $4,500 in incentives.

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    By working with a knowledgeable participating contractor, you can take advantage of Home Upgrade incentives by installing 3 or more upgrades from a flexible menu of options that will earn you points towards incentives. The more points, the higher the incentives. Your incentives depend on the total points you earn—up to $2,500 for 250 points.

    Customers must install at least one base upgrade and can receive bonus points for installing additional base upgrades.

    Below are some examples of typical options and points. Actual points can vary based upon your utility provider and your specific home.

    Upgrade Projects Technical Specifications Points
    Duct Sealing Seal to ≤10% for existing systems 25
    Duct Replacement Seal to ≤6%  for replacement ducts 65
    Whole Building Air Sealing ≥15% leakage reduction from vintage table defaults 25
    Whole Building Air Sealing ≥ 30% leakage reduction from vintage table defaults 45
    Attic Insulation & Air Sealing     Insulation ≥ R-30 (≥ R-38 in climate zones 1 & 11-16)     55

    Upgrade Projects Technical Specifications     Points
    Wall Insulation Insulate ≥R-13 50
    Floor Insulation Insulate ≥R-19 70
    Duct Insulation Insulate ≥R-8 40
    Furnace ≥92%  AFUE 60
    Air Conditioner ≥14 SEER/12 EER 65
    Gas Storage Water Heater EF ≥0.67 35
    Gas On-Demand Water Heater     EF ≥0.82 90
    Electric Storage Water Heater EF ≥0.93 40

    Upgrade Projects Technical Specifications Points
    Second Base Upgrade       Total of two base upgrades 15
    Third Base Upgrade Total of three base upgrades     20

    Home Upgrade     Points
    $1,000 100
    $1,500 150
    $2,000 200
    $2,500 250

    You might consider a Home Upgrade if:

    • You want a quick, lower-cost solution.
    • Your insulation, water heating, cooling or heating equipment is old or needs replacement.
    • You haven’t installed any of the required improvements.

    An Advanced Home Upgrade is customized for your home and your needs. The more energy you save, the bigger your incentives!

    Starting with an energy assessment of your home, your participating contractor or Whole-House Home Energy Rater will work with you to identify ways to save the most energy. Your incentives depend on the energy savings of your project—up to $4,500 from PG&E for a 45% increase in efficiency.

    Get up to $4,500 in incentives when you complete additional upgrades customized for your home's needs.

    Typical projects in the Advanced Package include:

    • Home Upgrade measures plus:
    • High-efficiency furnace
    • Energy-efficient cooling
    • Water heater system
    • Energy-efficient windows
    • Duct replacement
    • Wall insulation

    Advanced Home Upgrade     Calculated Rebate Threshold
    $1,000 10%
    $1,500 15%
    $2,000 20%
    $2,500 25%
    $3,000 30%
    $3,500 35%
    $4,000 40%
    $4,500 45%

    You might consider an Advanced Home Upgrade if:

    • You want the most energy savings and the highest incentives
    • Your heating and/or cooling system needs replacing
    • You have already installed some of the items in the Home Upgrade
    • You are planning a home remodel (kitchen, etc.)

    Other Custom Energy-saving Measures:

    • Your calculated energy reduction from your project will determine the amount you will receive in incentives. Your contractor will submit an application for you.

    Call 1-866-970-7348 for a list of participating contractors and raters and for more information.

    Information for Contractors and Raters: To become a participating contractor, you must be a California-licensed contractor and meet program requirements. To become participating rater, you must have a Whole-House Home Energy Rating System Certification, either through the Independent Rater path or the Building Performance Contractor (BPC) Rater path. Learn more about the requirements and how you can become a participating contractor or rater.

    Incentives are available for single-family residence and two to four unit buildings such as a townhouse, condominium, as well as homeowners associations with either single family homes or two to four unit buildings. Two to four unit buildings only qualify for the Advanced Home Upgrade option.

    Energy Upgrade California™ Home Upgrade provides assistance and incentives for home improvement projects that can reduce energy use and make homes more comfortable. This statewide program is managed locally by utilities and regional energy networks and directed by the California Public Utilities Commission in collaboration with the California Energy Commission. Funding comes from utility customers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. Incentives are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and are effective until funding is expended or the program is discontinued. Programs may be modified or terminated without prior notice. © 2013 Energy Upgrade California. Trademarks are property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.


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