Energy Upgrade California™ Home Upgrade: Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency and Receive Up to $4500 in Incentives

Energy Upgrade California™ Home Upgrade is a statewide program that offers up to $4,500 to you, the homeowner, for select energy-saving home improvements.

The program rewards you for taking a comprehensive, whole-system approach rather than focusing on individual improvements to make your home more energy efficient. Heating, air conditioning, and water heating all work together to help you live comfortably while lowering your utility bills.

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Qualifying Is Simple

Owners of single-family residences and two- to four-unit townhouses and condominiums qualify, as well as owners of single-family homes and two- to four-unit buildings in homeowner associations.

Hire Knowledgeable, Participating Professionals

All contractors and raters* in PG&E’s database are professionals who have been trained to identify improvements that save you energy and money. They act as guides through the entire process, assessing your home’s energy problems and helping you fill out necessary paperwork – including rebate forms and safety compliance tests – in order to maximize savings for your specific home.

Choose the Option That Works Best for You

  • The Home Upgrade option helps you seal up your home, resulting in an indoor environment that requires less energy to keep heated and cooled, lower energy bills, and a more comfortable home. Rebates can amount to as much as $2,500.
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  • The Advanced Home Upgrade option uses energy modeling software to create a customized energy-saving plan for your home. A participating professional will conduct a comprehensive assessment and perform upgrades to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable. Rebates can be as much as $4,500.
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You Said It

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    "Since the upgrade, we haven't had a combined gas and electric bill exceed $100 for our 2,720 square-foot home, and the project qualified for a $3,000 rebate!"

    —Shandra (Tiger) Adolf and Ed Thomas, Advanced Home Upgrade participants

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*A rater is a qualified professional who assesses the energy efficiency of your home but does not do the actual upgrades. Some participating contractors work in tandem with raters, while others do the assessments themselves. Sometimes a customer will hire a rater for a home assessment and then ask several participating contractors to bid on the work.
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