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PG&E offers several Base Plan choices.
Tiered Base Plan (E1)

Tiered Base Plan (E1)

PG&E's standard Tiered rate plan is based on usage tiers. As you use more electricity during your monthly bill period, the price goes up with each tier.
Time-of-Use Plan

Time-of-Use Plans

With Time-of-Use plans, pricing varies depending on when you use energy during the day, week and season. Flexibility with when you use energy gives you greater control.
Electric Vehicle Base Plan

Electric Vehicle Base Plan

The Plug-in Electric Vehicles rate plan is also Time of Use, just without usage tiers. This plan is environmentally friendly and energy efficient, just like your vehicle.

On top of your Base Plan, PG&E also offers Add-ons to help you save.
SmartRate Add-on

SmartRate™ Add-on

The SmartRate Plan helps you save up to 20% on your summer electric bill. Receive a discount for reducing your electricity usage up to 15 days a year.
Net Energy Metering Add-on

Net Energy Metering Add-on

The Net Energy Metering Add-on allows customers with an eligible power generator like solar panels to earn a credit for power exported to the grid.
solar choice

Solar Choice Plans

PG&E's Solar Choice and Regional Solar Choice programs give customers the option to purchase up to 100% of their electricity from solar energy.

  • Audit Energy
  • Food Service Incentives
  • Led Streetlights