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Financial Assistance Programs 

These savings opportunities are available to households that qualify based on the total income of everyone living in the home.

Help for Income-Qualified HouseholdsHelp for Income-Qualified Households

California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE)
The CARE Program offers a significant monthly discount on energy bills for qualifying households. The application includes just a few simple questions. No proof of income is required for enrollment.
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Energy Savings Assistance Program
The Energy Savings Assistance Program provides home improvements at no cost to help make your home more energy efficient, safe, and comfortable. Improvements include weatherproofing, minor home repairs, and select appliance replacement. Your home must be at least five years old. Both renters and owners are eligible.
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Savings Solutions for Everyone 

There are many savings opportunities available to all PG&E residential customers.

Payment Options Payment Options

 Balanced Payment Plan
Know what your bill will be every month with the Balanced Payment Plan, which averages out monthly payments to allow you to minimize big swings and budget more effectively.
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Payment Arrangement
If you can't pay your bill on time or in full, you can set up a Payment Arrangement to extend your due date.
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Energy-Saving Programs Energy-Saving Programs

This rate option provides discounts for conserving energy when demand is highest—typically very hot weekdays between late spring and early fall. The less energy you use during these times, the lower your bill will be.
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This program offers you the opportunity to help prevent summer energy supply emergencies from disrupting your day-to-day activities. When you join, SmartAC will install a free SmartAC device. Once installed, you will receive a $50 reward check.
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Money-Saving Programs Money-Saving Programs

LED Light Bulbs
High-quality, light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs typically use 75 percent less energy and have a longer life than traditional incandescent bulbs. They also illuminate instantly and help create a warm, welcoming feeling. Look for our instant rebate sticker on LEDs to save money each time you purchase a bulb.
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Heating and Air Conditioning
Periodic maintenance of your heating and cooling systems will improve their efficiency and extend their lives. Right now you can take advantage of the AC Quality Care Program from PG&E and get up to $700 to help offset the cost of improving your AC system.
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Appliance Recycling
Old-model refrigerators can cost more money to run than new energy-efficient models. If you have an extra fridge or freezer, you can earn $50 for safely recycling it, and feel good about helping the environment.
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Appliance and Equipment Rebates
Before purchasing new home appliances, first check our rebates. Qualifying appliances including clothes washers, refrigerators, water heaters, and pool pumps.
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Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade
Get up to $6,500 in rebates! Instead of completing a few home improvements here and there to make your home more energy efficient, sign up for Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade, a statewide program that looks at your home as a complete system.
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Online Tools Online Tools

Energy Analysis
Go to My Account, your online account, and see how you use energy, compare rate options, and receive suggestions on how to reduce your household’s energy use and costs. It's easy to use and free to sign up!
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Savings Tips

  • Even small changes can make a big difference.
    • Install CFL or LED bulbs that give off less heat and save you money.
    • Run full washer / dryer loads and clean the lint from the dryer after every load.
    • Turn off and unplug TVs and DVD players, computers, phone chargers, coffee makers, etc., as they use energy even when not in use.
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You Said It

  • Find an Participating Professional

    "I've been in the hospital and out of work and PG&E let me make small payments to get caught up. I appreciate the help."

    —Karen Williams, a PG&E customer who used the Payment Arrangement
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