The Basics of the SmartAC™ Program

As California residents, we all know it can get pretty hot during the summer months. That means hundreds of thousands of air conditioners all operating at the same time so that everyone can stay cool. Unfortunately, on really hot days, this could push California’s electrical system beyond capacity and even cause a power interruption due to a state or local energy emergency.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to for everybody to manage their electrical demand during these occasional high peak days and help prevent interruptions in their community. It’s called SmartAC and it’s about as simple as it gets.

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How does SmartAC interact with my air conditioner?

A SmartAC device is installed, at no cost to you, on or near your air conditioner. If a local or state energy emergency is anticipated — also referred to as “a SmartAC Event Day” — your device will be remotely activated and your air conditioner compressor will cycle on and off in short increments totaling no more than 15 minutes of every half hour.

The best part is that your air conditioner fan continues to circulate the cold air that’s already in your home and you always have the ability to opt out for the day at any time.*

SmartAC Event Days and system tests are pretty infrequent, last as little as two hours but never more than six and most SmartAC customers say they don’t even notice when their SmartAC device is active.

How does SmartAC benefit me and my community?

Ultimately, SmartAC is about working together to smooth out the peaks in everyone’s energy usage so that you and your community have the energy to keep cool on high peak days. Working together, current SmartAC community members can help keep the California power grid strong in the event of an energy supply emergency.**

SmartAC won’t save you money on your monthly bill, but every new SmartAC customer gets a $50 check for participating.

Becoming a SmartAC customer is easy. Enroll now and join thousands of cool PG&E customers who are working together so that everyone in their home — and their community — stays cool this summer.

When can a SmartAC event be called?

Because SmartAC’s benefit is maximized when air conditioners are running, events can only be called between May 1 and October 31 and never for more than six hours per day.

Will I be hot on event days?

Most customers participating in our study groups didn’t notice their device was activated. And, with the exception of extreme energy emergencies, if a SmartAC event day happens on a day you do not wish to participate, you're in control. You can login or call a PG&E SmartAC representative at 1-866-908-4916 and ask to not participate that day* — without penalty. Your air conditioner will be returned to its previous settings.

*The ability to opt out for the day may not be available in the event of an extreme emergency.

**Participation in SmartAC reduces the risk and severity of power interruptions in the PG&E service territory that may result from an extreme energy supply emergency.


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