Tiered Base Plan

PG&E's Standard Rate Plan

PG&E's standard Tiered Base Plan has four pricing tiers. As you use allotted electricity for each tier during your bill period you move to the next, higher priced tier.
To save on your bill, you'll need to conserve energy to stay on lower price tiers as long as possible, as well as once you've reached higher price tiers. To learn how, visit Understand Your Energy Use.

Energy Alerts

PG&E can alert you by text, email or phone when you've moved to higher priced tiers with Energy Alerts.

How Tiers Work

Tier 1: Each monthly billing period begins at the lowest rate. While you want to stretch as far as possible, average customers use all of Tier 1 in about 15-20 days.
Tier 2: With about one third the allotment of Tier 1, Tier 2 costs slightly more (+3.3¢). If your Tier 1 lasts 15-20 days, Tier 2 could last another 5-6 days.
Tier 3: The rate increases dramatically (+5.9¢) in this tier. Customers who enter Tier 3 are consuming significant amounts of electricity.
Tier 4: Finally; if you enter tier 4, you are using more than twice your Tier 1 total, and the rate increases by an additional 7.5¢.
How Tiers Work Graph.

NOTE: This chart represents an above average usage customer.
The length of time in each tier depends on monthly energy usage.

SmartRate Add-on

SmartRate™ Add-on

Available with the Tiered Plan and Time of Use Base Plan, the SmartRate Add-on discounts your summer rate in exchange for a higher rate, 2-7 p.m., on up to 15 SmartDays, May through October.
Net Energy Metering Add-on

Time of Use Plan

An alternative to the Tiered Base Plan, the Time of Use Plan's pricing varies depending on when you use power during the day, week, and season. This puts you in control.
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