Understand the Process

We all play a role in bringing clean energy to your home. It starts by making smart energy choices.

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prepare your home for energy efficiency and choose a qualified contractor.

Your Contractor

helps choose the right system size needed for your home, walks you through the necessary forms, and installs your system safely.


reviews your interconnection application, performs an engineering review, completes any necessary system upgrades, and gives final permission to operate.

Your Role in the Process

Get Energy Efficient

Before you install a renewable energy source for your home, it is encouraged you do everything you can to improve your current energy efficiency. A few simple measures can save you money by reducing your overall energy or water consumption. You may be able to save thousands of dollars in up-front costs by reducing the size of the system you will need to install for your home. Understanding your energy usage also will also help to prepare you for an informed discussion with your contractor.

Take 5 minutes to do your PG&E Home Energy Checkup and receive customized recommendations.

Home Energy Checkup

Choose a Contractor

Choosing the best renewable energy system for your home begins by finding a qualified contractor. Your contractor will help select the system and sizing that meets your home’s energy needs, as well as arrange the permitting, installation, and site inspections necessary to connect your system to PG&E. If you qualify for rebates or incentives, your contractor also will also help to fill out the required application forms. Find qualified contractors in your area.

Find Out About Incentive Programs

Do you know that you may be eligible for rebates or incentives when installing clean energy alternatives for your home? Get the details!

Understand each step toward connecting renewable energy to your home.

Installation Steps


Use the Solar Calculator

  • Get a quick estimate of the cost and size of the system you will need to power your home.

Make a Plan

  • Sustainability eBook
  • Right Tree Right Place
  • Benchmark Your Building