Your Role in the Process

As a contractor, you are a key source of information for your customer as they embark on their path to renewable energy. They not only rely on you to help them make an informed purchasing decision but also to help arm them with the information they will need to know after their installation is complete.

Steps to Participate in the Distributed Generation Programs

Below are resources that will guide you and your customers through the path to renewable energy installation and successful post-installation energy generation.
Energy efficiency is a key measure customers should take prior to installing any renewable energy technology. Ensuring that an Energy Efficiency (EE) audit has been completed can save them money in the long run by reducing their overall energy or water consumption and subsequently reducing the size of the system needed to meet their energy needs.

For customers interested in solar or solar water heating, an EE audit is required by the California Solar Initiative (CSI) to qualify for the available incentives. Help guide them through this process to ensure their true energy needs are gauged and met by the system you will be installing.

To complete an EE audit:
For residential customers:
You can use PG&E's online home energy analyzer or complete the audit over the phone by calling our Solar Customer Service Center at 1-877-743-4112.

For non-residential customers:
Use either of the listed channels for residential customers or call the Solar Customer Service Center at 1-877-743-4112 to request an on-site audit conducted by a PG&E account manager.
With many renewable energy technologies available to our customers, it's important to help them choose the one that will meet their energy needs. Make sure to thoroughly discuss all options available to them and set the appropriate expectations around system performance and qualifying incentives. Technology options include Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Water Heating, Wind and Fuel Cell.

Complete the installation of the generating system.

Handle the permitting process and building inspection.

Ensure proper connection to PG&E grid (interconnection), if applicable.
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