SmartMeter™ for Solar and Renewable Customers

Starting in 2012, PG&E is upgrading existing solar and renewable customers with digital electric meters to SmartMeters™. Using SmartMeter™ technology, solar customers will have access to online tools to help monitor net energy usage—the difference between the amount of renewable energy you generate and the amount of energy you consume. If you choose, you can opt-out of the SmartMeter™ program and keep the existing meter at your home or business. For more information call our Solar Customer Service Center at 1-877-743-4112 or opt-out online.
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Benefits from the SmartMeter™ upgrade

More information on Net Energy Metering

When you generate your own power from a solar energy system or other renewable technology, your home or business’ onsite electrical load will be served first and any electricity you don’t consume will be exported to the grid. Most of the time, customers use the power from their solar or renewable systems, but may still draw power from the grid. Sometimes, particularly during the day, the system may generate more energy than the home or business requires, and the surplus power is exported to the grid.

PG&E only has a single meter that is connected to the home and the only information that is recorded is net usage—either the amount of energy that is flowing to the house (a positive number), or the amount of energy that is flowing to the grid (a negative number). Some customers may measure the production from the solar or other renewable system using a separate meter attached directly to the system.
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Reading the SmartMeter(NEM)

  • SmartMeter™ electric meters record the total net amount of electricity used or exported. The display will show an arrow indicating whether you are using or exporting energy.

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