Provided by Allconnect®

Moving to a new home can be hectic. PG&E makes it easy with SimpleConnections.

When you call us to start or transfer your gas and electric service, we can also help you start your television, phone and Internet service in the same call - saving you time and energy.

SimpleConnections is a free, one-call solution to start multiple home services for your new address. There's no need to research service providers, look up phone numbers or make separate calls to each provider.

Start your PG&E energy service and then choose from a range of service options:
  • Telephone
  • Television (cable and satellite)
  • Internet
  • Newspaper delivery
  • Home security

Through Allconnect®, an industry leader providing home services to customers throughout the U.S., we're able to offer a convenient one-stop solution for your next move. Allconnect has partnered with more than 20 utility companies across the U.S. and offers a range of providers, pricing and options*.

Once we start your gas and electric service, we'll bring an Allconnect representative onto the call to explain your provider options and set up the services you choose. An Allconnect representative will also verify your PG&E order and send you a confirmation email containing links to printable home savings coupons.

Get started today by calling a PG&E representative at 1-800-743-5000, or visit the Allconnect website.

* Service availability may vary by region.

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