Gas and Electric Safety at Home

Turning Your Gas Off

How to turn your gas off in an emergency.
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Gas Appliance Safety

How to safely use and care for your gas appliances.
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Gas Odor and Pilot Lights

What to do if you smell gas.
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Carbon Monoxide

Important information about this deadly gas.
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Understanding Radio Frequency

Important information about Radio Frequency technology and how PG&E uses it.
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Turning Your Electricity On and Off

What to do when the lights go out.
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Electric Appliance Safety

Guide to operating electric appliances safely.
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Electric Generator Safety

Guide to operating electric generators safely.
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Sewer Cleaning Safety

Learn how to prepare for power outages and other emergencies, identify gas and electric hazards inside and around your home and print out easy to use safety checklists.
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Natural Disasters and Emergency Preparedness

Prepare before mother nature strikes, with emergency tips and resources.
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Tree Worker Safety - free safety materials

PG&E cares about your safety and pruning trees near power lines is dangerous. Tree workers put their lives in jeopardy if they don’t have specialized training or the proper insulated tools required to work near high-voltage power lines. Learn about how PG&E can assist with pruning trees around power lines and how to order FREE Tree Worker Safety materials.
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