Gas and Electric Training


Gas & Electric training seminars are held at various locations across the PG&E service area and take place throughout the year

The training will provide Contractors with information on how to detect and know how to react in the event of a natural gas and electric emergency. Information about additional educational resources and where to order educational materials will be provided during the class. Learn more about ordering additional educational resources.

Training Seminar Topics

PG&E Gas & Electric training covers a wide variety of topics and are led by PG&E resources and subject matter experts.

  • Identify important components of natural gas and electric utility infrastructure and recognize emergency conditions
  • Use best practices to handle utility-specific emergencies and adhere to specific do's and don'ts when on the scene of an emergency
  • Identify the dangers of step and touch potential and avoid contact with energized sources
  • Respond to natural gas hazards and avoid dangers presented by migrating natural gas and secondary ignition sources
  • How to utilize the First Responder website, which provides first responders secure access to free downloadable maps and information about natural gas transmission lines, natural gas storage facilities, and shut-off valves
  • Gain knowledge about PG&E's updated natural gas emergency response checklists and response scenarios
  • Carbon Calculator
  • Benchmark Your Building
  • Business Energy Checkup