PEC—Tool Request Form

Please note that lead time on loan requests is subject to availability and demand. To avoid disappointment, please await a reply from to assure the equipment you need is available for your project.

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1. Borrower Information

Borrower Information

Enter contact information for the person who will be responsible for the tools.

2. Project Information: Where will tools be used?

Will this project be carried out or overseen by a building operator/engineer or facilties manager?

If successful, will this project be replicated over multiple sites?

3. Project Description

Describe the purpose of the study. Provide a detailed description of what you are interested in measuring rather than specifying particular tools. Describe what you want to learn from your study. List what needs to be measured. Note that a specific tool may not be available and we cannot guarantee availability.

Will this project involve measurement of energy-use by way of power meters or run-time logging?

Please indicate the most appropriate description and/or development stage of the project.

Does this project involve datalogging?optional

4. Power & Energy Projects

If project does not involve power/energy measuerments, proceed to Step 5.

Electrical Load
List each load separately
# of
Full Load
Amps /
Example: Pump Motor 208V 3 15A

5. Datalogging (Other than power/energy)

Enter variables to be monitored and number of points for each variable. If project does not require any kind of datalogging, leave blank and proceed to Step 6.

(temp, rh, CO2, etc.) # of Measurement Points

6. Requested Loan Period

Start Date

Allow 3 to 5 days lead time.

Please indicate the date you wish to pick up the loan. Actual loan start date may vary depending on tool availability.

Please indicate the total length of time you expect you will need to be in possession of the tools. Availability: Spot measurement equipment is normally loaned for 7 to 10 days. Logging equipment is normally loaned for 2 to 4 weeks depending on project type and availability of tools.

7. Potential post-measurement actions

Please describe possible energy efficiency measures (EEMs) and/or demand reduction strategies that you may implement as a result of using these tools (i.e. commissioning of existing control system, sensor calibration, equipment replacement, installing new control system, etc)

8. Project Funding Source(s)

8a. Have you received or do you expect to receive any type of public or private funding for this project?

Important, please read: Customer (hereinafter "Customer" means anyone borrowing equipment from the Pacific Energy Center's Tool Lending Library) agrees that in no event shall PG&E be liable to the Customer for any damages arising out of or connected with this tool loan. Customer will review the specifications of this equipment and will be aware of its limitations and uses. Misapplication of the equipment, injury of any type sustained during installation or damage to the Customer's facility or equipment shall be the Customer's responsibility. Any tool requiring installation in an electrical panel or any other location where tools will be installed on line voltage (any voltage above 12v), must be installed by a licensed electrician. Installation of tools in mechanical equipment rooms or other potentially hazardous areas should be done by qualified personnel experienced with mechanical operating systems. The tools are intended for projects that identify or quantify energy savings opportunities in buildings. Power monitoring equipment in the Tool Lending Library is not revenue grade and is not to be used to verify utility billing data. If borrowed, datalogger software will not be copied or used beyond the term of the loan. The borrower above assumes full responsibility for the return of the borrowed equipment and all accessories in full working order and for the repair or replacement costs of damaged or unreturned components. The tools are made available through funding from California utility ratepayers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. Customers are required to report energy savings and demand reduction data to the Energy Center.


If you have questions, please contact us at or 415-973-9945.