On-Demand Energy Efficiency Classes

The PEC offers a few of its classes as on-demand. Below is a growing list of those classes. The classes we offer as on-demand pass several criteria, including speaker consent, copyright clearance, material ownership, cost, and whether the content is appropriate as on-demand. We expect to increase the number of on-demand classes. For a full list of classes offered through the PG&E training centers,
visit www.pge.com/energyclasses.

Solar Power Basics For Residential Customers (posted November 2, 2010)(30 minutes)
Solar Water Heating Basics Part 1 (posted November 4, 2010)(22 minutes)
Solar Water Heating Basics Part 2 (posted November 1, 2010)
(25 minutes)
Solar Water Heating Basics Part 3 (posted November 1, 2010)
(11 minutes)
Energy Fundamentals Part 1 (posted August 8,2011)(20 minutes)
Benchmark Your Building - June 2012 (posted June 6, 2012)(54 minutes)
Solar Analysis Series Module 1 (posted July 26, 2012)(17 minutes)
Solar Analysis Series Module 2 (posted July 26, 2012)(45 minutes)
Solar Analysis Series Module 3 (posted July 26, 2012)(35 minutes)
Solar Analysis Series Assessment (posted July 26, 2012)(5 minutes)
ASHRAE Audits (posted August 26, 2013)(21 minutes)

We are also producing a series of short instructional videos. These videos are several minutes long and introduce either a tool, a measurement technique or a proof-of-concept.

Pump Motor Interaction (posted August 7,2012)(9 minutes)
Induction Part 1 (posted August 9, 2012)(6 minutes)
Induction Part 2 (posted August 9, 2012)(5 minutes)
Motor Logger (posted August 9, 2012)(15 minutes)

The Trade Professional Alliance team has developed a series of videos to educate Trade Professionals on PG&E rebate and Incentive programs.

High Performance Linear Fluorescent Rebate (posted November 20, 2013) 22 minutes