Topock Compressor Station

PG&E's Topock natural gas compressor station is located near Interstate 40 and the Colorado River, southeast of Needles, California.

PG&E's Topock Compressor Station is located in eastern San Bernardino County, 15 miles southeast of Needles, California and about one-half mile from the Colorado River. PG&E has been working under the direction of the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) and the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) to investigate and clean up hexavalent chromium in groundwater and soil resulting from historical operations at the station.

PG&E's top priority is protecting the Colorado River. Since 2004, temporary remediation measures have been in place to remove chromium from groundwater and ensure that affected groundwater flows away from the river. Our extensive monitoring program continues to confirm that no hexavalent chromium is in the Colorado River.

For several years, PG&E has worked closely with nine Indian Tribes along the Colorado River to ensure the preservation of cultural and spiritual resources is taken into consideration throughout the remedy selection and implementation process. We have worked closely with the regulatory agencies and tribes in creating the Topock Leadership Partnership, a forum to explore and consider tribal views in all aspects of the project.

Agencies Approve Final Groundwater Cleanup Plan

In January 2011, DTSC and DOI approved a final groundwater cleanup remedy for the Topock site. This determination was based on investigation results and a study conducted by PG&E that evaluated various final cleanup options, as well as input from members of the public, including neighboring Indian Tribes.

DTSC has also certified a final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the groundwater remedy, which examined the potential environmental impacts associated with the remedy and identified actions to reduce those impacts. The next step is for PG&E to prepare a remedy implementation plan, followed by detailed remedy design during 2012 and construction beginning in 2013.

The agency documents can be found on DTSC's Topock Project Website.

Soil Investigation Continues

Investigation of soil at the site is ongoing. A final soil remedy for the site will be selected in a process that is similar to the groundwater remediation process.

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