Charging at Home

PEVs can be charged at home in one of two ways: AC Level 1 or AC Level 2 charging.

Charging Level

1240V/70A charging not compatible with all makes and models.
2Based on manufacturers specifications.
3AC Level 2 charging time may be limited by the auto manufacturers onboard charger specification.

AC Level 1 (120V/15A): This charging level is equivalent to plugging your PEV into a standard wall outlet. No upgrades to your current electrical service are required. This charging level is ideal for individuals who have lower commute distances and only need to top off their battery every night.

AC Level 2 (240V/30-70A): This charging level will recharge a PEV at least 4x faster than AC Level 1 charging and requires the installation of charging equipment. This charging level is suited for individuals who require a quicker charging rate.

  • Speed: AC Level 2 charges at least 4x faster than plugging into a wall socket.
  • Equipment: AC Level 2 requires charging equipment known as Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). The type of EVSE and the amount of charge it can deliver is specific to the PEV you purchase.
  • Potential Service Upgrade: Charging at 240 volts is similar to adding an additional appliance such as a washer/dryer, resulting in a greater electrical load and potentially requiring upgrades to your electrical service.

If you would like to install a Level 2 EVSE, please refer to the steps outlined in the Installation Process.

Publicly Available Charging

Publicly available charging stations are usually located in garages and lots where your PEV is expected to be parked for several hours, such as shopping centers, public garages, and workplaces. It is highly likely that there are several publicly available chargers in your area and around popular destinations, with more chargers being added every day.

The cost of publicly available charging varies – most public charging stations are free-of-charge, others are pay-to-pump similar to gas stations, while some require a membership to a network.

The US Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center has a fairly comprehensive map of charging stations. Charging Station Locations

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