2015 Meter-Reading Schedule

Please remember that it is to your benefit to provide our meter readers with monthly access to your meter(s). You can use this schedule as a guide for the date(s) we need access to your meter(s) each month.

Please click on the image below to display a larger version of the 2015 meter-reading schedule.

2015 Meter Reading Schedule Image

We plan to read your meter on the date shown on the schedule. However, due to business considerations, your meter may be read a few days before or after this date.

2014 Meter Reading Schedule (PDF, 39 KB)
2015 Meter Reading Schedule (PDF, 39 KB)

About This Schedule

PG&E meter readers make every effort to read meters monthly. For your information, you may want to know when this will be done. Or you may be one of our customers who needs to give the meter reader access. Here are instructions on how to determine your meter-reading dates:

  • In the Service Information section on the right side of your statement, locate your Serial Letter (1).
  • In the table above, locate your Serial Letter in the Serial column (2).
  • In the same row as your Serial Letter, locate the date we will read your meter(s) each month. (October 1 in the example above.)(3)